Which lawn mower to choose?

If you are looking for a mower, do you ask yourself several questions about the choice to make? Your decision will be based on the answers to the following questions:

What is the size of your land?

Who will pass the mower?

Do you want to pick up the cut grass or not?

When choosing Lawnmowers in Anderson SC, the most important thing is the type of terrain and its slope. Depending on this criterion, there are 4 main types of mowers.

The manual mower

The manual mower is the cheapest and most ecological on the market. Its use is effective on small areas. Not very noisy, it allows you to mow at all hours without disturbing your neighbors.

However, you must regularly sharpen your blade and mow on average every week to obtain a satisfactory result without excessive effort. It is therefore important to check the quality of the blade of your hand mower and the adjustment of the cutting height.

Cordless battery mower

Cordless lawn mower on the market for a few years, the cordless electric mower is autonomous enough to mow more than 450 m². Practical, it is not noisy. Its main drawback is its weight and its autonomy equivalent to 1 hour of work maximum depending on the density of the grass. If you have a large lot, it is best to consider a second battery. An additional budget not to be forgotten it is also necessary to plan the purchase of a battery after 3 to 5 years.

The electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mower the electric lawn mower is one of the two big preferences when it comes to lawn mowing. They are powered using a wire plus an extension cord. Ecological, its price depends, depending on the model, on the quality of the engine and the presence or absence of a collection bag. The electric mower requires less maintenance than the others.

However, you should not choose this one if your land is huge. Several models offer the choice between regular cutting and shredding. When buying your electric mower, opt for a reversible handle that will prevent you from turning around with it. If your lawn is in one piece, without planting, too much slope, or trees to go around, you can direct your choice as well towards this type of mower.


The thermal mower also called gasoline

The thermal mower remains the most popular and offers great diversity in its range. Robust, handy, these petrol mowers pollute much less than before. Overall, 4-stroke engines are less polluting than 2-stroke ones. The thermal mower is the most sophisticated and the most expensive because it very often has a self-traction system. The self-propelled mower allows you to work at your own pace without fighting against the force of it. 4-stroke mowers are particularly handy if your garden is sloping and has trees to navigate. Thanks to this system, a less physically strong person manages a large terrain easily and quickly.

 The collection box

The grass catcher can be soft canvas. It is light and easy to store. The plastic tray, resistant, requires simple maintenance. Also consider its size. If it’s too small, you risk going back and forth a lot.

Have you considered a robot mower?

Don’t always have time to mow your lawn regularly? Then a robot lawn mower may be the ideal tool for you. Some models are so efficient that they are able to avoid obstacles themselves, like the Gardena R40 Li robot lawn mower. It is also capable of recharging itself at its base when necessary. Finally, you can program the duration and frequency of mowing to let your robot mower work independently. Today, there are many robot mowers on the market and the choice can sometimes be difficult. However, you can retain 3 criteria for choosing your robot lawn mower:

The type of robot lawn mower: corded or cordless? A corded robot lawn mower does not mean that it will itself be connected to a cord. On the other hand, it will be necessary to delimit your land as well as all the obstacles so that your robot can find its way. Obviously, we recommend a wireless robot, much simpler to set up, easy to use and which therefore fully meets the philosophy of buying an autonomous robot lawn mower.

The surface of your land: when you buy a robot mower, it is mandatory to mention the mowing surface on which it is able to work. You have understood it, you will have to choose your robot mower according to the surface of your land so that it is able to mow all of it.

The different programming modes: everything will depend on the use you will have of your robotic mower, the most advanced will be able to memorize different cutting programs.

Finally, for more peace of mind and comfort, it is wise to select a mid-range or high-end mower. Also, prefer manufacturers who offer extended warranties of 5 years and not 1 year as most do.

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