7 Tips for a Better Instagram Strategy Highlighted by Eric Dalius Miami

You’re in! Congratulations, you’re ready to start your social media journey. You’ve got an account set up and you’re looking great — but what now? How do you become the next big thing on Instagram? Well, look no further than this article. That’s because we’ve got seven tips for a better Instagram strategy that will skyrocket your success rate.

Let’s get started with our first tip — choose the right hashtags.

1) Choose the Right Hashtags

This may seem obvious, but it is seriously one of the most important steps in creating a successful Instagram strategy. Choosing hashtags—the right ones—is vital to growing your audience and getting more likes on each post. But how can you make sure you choose the right ones? Well, there are a few things you can do.

The first thing you should do is research to find out which hashtags are popular in your industry. How does one do this, exactly? There are a couple of different ways. You can conduct a simple Google search, for example — just type “popular Instagram hashtags” into the search bar and you’ll see some great results. Another way is to use a website like Tagboard, which allows you to search multiple hashtags at once to find out what’s trending on Instagram. If you’re really trying to dig deep and gain insight into what’s working on Instagram right now, then try using Icon square. Not only will it provide you with insights into the most popular hashtags in your industry, but it will also tell you which ones are growing in popularity and when they trend. You can even use their analytics to find out what times of day your audience is most active on Instagram.

As per says Eric Dalius Miami When choosing hashtags, make sure you’re using them in accordance with the rules and policies of Instagram. They don’t allow users to post comments made up solely of tags — that’s considered spamming and it could get your posts shadowbanned. Plus, if you’re constantly tagging posts that aren’t relevant to yours (and thus causing them to be removed), then you too could get shadowbanned. No one wants that!

2) Make Sure Your Posts Are Relevant

Okay, so you’ve got your hashtags ironed out, and now it’s time to post. You want to make sure that all of your posts are relevant — not only to the photo itself but also to each other. If you’re using hashtags in accordance with the rules, then there shouldn’t be any problems here. But what if you’re not using them correctly? What happens then? Well, for one thing, you could get shadowbanned. And if your account is shadow-banned on Instagram, it can make it hard for people who aren’t already familiar with the concept of shadow banning to understand what happened or how they can avoid experiencing something similar themselves. All too often, this leads users to think that content just isn’t performing well, when in fact they’ve been shadowbanned.

3) Your Photos should be High Quality

When people are scrolling through their Instagram feeds, will they stop to look at your photos? Of course, there are exceptions to this rule — if you have a large following already or are an influence with lots of clouts, and then quality may not matter much for you. But what about the rest of us? If we want our posts to perform well and gain traction on the platform, then there’s really no way around this–our photos should be high quality. They shouldn’t just meet Instagram’s minimum standards either; instead, they should be enjoyable for users to look at — unique and eye-catching! A great tool to use when trying to achieve this is Canva. It has a wide range of templates and tools that you can use for free, and some paid ones too!

4) Captioning Your Photos Matters

When people see your photos, they’ll look at the caption if they like it. Otherwise, they won’t — it’s as simple as that. Captions are important on Instagram because they provide context for your photos. If someone doesn’t like the caption, then they’re not going to be compelled to follow you or like your posts (unless of course there’s something else about them those appeals). And of course, if their decision is based on an unfavorable opinion of your writing style or personality, you could find yourself losing followers in the future. So when in doubt, keep your captions short and sweet!

5) Only Use Relevant Hashtags in Your Caption

Another way in which you can increase performance on Instagram is by using relevant hashtags within your caption. Like we mentioned before, you shouldn’t just add any hashtag that comes to mind; instead, think about choosing ones that are related to the post itself (and maybe even related to what’s happening in the photo too). You don’t want users scrolling through their feed only to find posts with no context — it has a tendency of making people unfollowed. If they aren’t sure why something is posted where it is or whether or not it connects with them, then they won’t care for it. And if they don’t care for it, then they’ll start looking for other content to follow instead.

6) Post Consistently (But Not Too Often!)

When it comes to Instagram, the most successful accounts are the ones that post consistently — but not too much. If you post more than once a day, there’s a good chance your audience will unfollow you because of how flooded their feeds become; plus, with so many posts cluttering up their timelines, users may find it hard to determine which ones are relevant and which ones aren’t. They’ll start going through them less often or forgetting about them entirely. Conversely, if you only post once every few days, then people might lose interest in your account and fail to follow you even if they do see your posts. So shoot for somewhere between one and three times per day — just enough to encourage your audience to remember your name and keep coming back!

7) Don’t Sell Your Instagram Account Too Early

A lot of newbies on Instagram will look for ways to monetize their accounts as soon as possible. If this sounds like something you want to do, then just beware: if you try and sell your account too early on in its lifetime, then it’ll be worth a lot less than it would have been otherwise. It’s all about the “insta” effect — the longer your account stays up and running, steadily gaining traction with users who love what you’re sharing (even if that means getting a little more creative with your content!), the more valuable it becomes. This means that if you do decide to sell your account in the future, its value will have increased significantly and you’ll get a lot more money for it than you would have otherwise!

Conclusion by Eric Dalius Miami:

If you want to get serious about Instagram and become a full-time Instagrammer (rather than just an amateur blogger), then stick with these tips. If you do that, we guarantee your account will see positive results!

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