Is Ecommerce App Any Good? Five Ways You Can Be Certain


It is common knowledge that every business – online stores or brick and mortar stores wish to be found on the internet to multiply their sales. Doing a few smart manoeuvres in cyberspace will definitely give businesses some advantages, but if this is going to be the sole strategy for moving a major chunk of their business to the internet space, the chances of dethroning established players (with wads of money) are virtually impossible to achieve.

There are smarter simpler ways of capturing a lot of sales on the internet using an exclusive ecommerce app tuned to your specific requirements. Apps are double-edged swords – they benefit all stakeholders – ecommerce companies, vendors, and consumers to take advantage of the benefits of using apps.

 What Problems do Apps Solve?

Your imagination is the only limit to what apps can do. The real purpose of why apps are popular is that they break complex problems into simple tasks so that fewer employees can handle more work efficiently and successfully.

Here is what apps can do.


  1. Display goods, services and help to make a comparison
  2. Describe products and services and vividly explain their uses
  3. Enable remote ordering for goods and services without travel expenses
  4. Track service and products delivery nationally and internationally
  5. Provide for electronic transfer of funds for purchase and refund
  6. Educate consumers about new product launches and solicit to participate in polls
  7. Compare similar products and services (price, durability, and utility)
  8. Keep in touch with customers for new product development
  9. Provide services and book orders round the clock and make work easier
  10. Assist with returning goods, order exchange, and ask for refund
  11. Digitally send invoices and reminders to delinquent customers
  12. Manage vendors and vendor payment processing accurate and faster
  13. Process demand and supply position accurately to improve the stock position
  14. Control inventory and warehousing processes for optimum use of investment
  15. Improve logistics planning and economize the use of vehicles

There is really no end to how apps can be used to solve problems related to ecommerce operations.

Ecommerce Apps Options – Readymade Vs Customized Apps

Depending on the complexity, you can choose between a readymade ecommerce app and a custom made app. The size of your operation, the number of products in your store, the demography that the store covers, included shipping options and other factors have a major say in what is good for the business. Ecommerce covers almost all known business types and without exception, all depend on apps to some extent.

The advantage of readymade apps is that they are less expensive and easy to deploy because they have been tried, tested, and debugged earlier. It takes very little time to deploy (of course it depends to a large extent on the range of products) and get it up and running.

Readymade apps are also amenable to upgrading if the authors who scripted also give you the codes.

Customized ecommerce app is a different ballgame altogether – the ecommerce app development company you entrust the work with begins from scratch after studying your special requirements. It is no mean job creating the images, writing product descriptions, and providing for automatically withdrawing products that are not available.

If yours is a small ecommerce venture with limited products, then the mobile app development company you hire for your project will recommend a readymade app with a few customization and changes. It is all a matter of how big or small your business is planned to be.

Can an Ecommerce App Work Miracles?

Though it may be too farfetched to assume that apps can work miracles and land businesses on tons of sales, the fact is that it requires the same smart work and competence as in promoting business in a physical store. The big difference is that the business will be promoting the app more vigorously for the optimum result than the store itself. The more frequently an app is downloaded, the more like it will be used for transactions.

5 Reasons Why Use of Ecommerce App is Certain to Grow

  1. Apps make it easy for businesses to reach out to customers. It is far easier than writing individual letters, advertising in the print media, and placing ads on television and radio. The app invokes instant response and is available for customers 24/7.

Businesses also use apps for generating advertisement revenue from sponsors who want to be seen prominently in the storefront.


  1. Adding more products is just a matter of few keystrokes and does not require any additional storage racks or floor space. The space available for displacing or products is almost endless and can be expanded at one’s will and wish. Hosting charges are dropping rapidly and ecommerce businesses are able to take advantage of it. Cloud-based hosting is also making apps run faster and smarter.


  1. Getting paid is easier. Literally, cash will walk into your bank account without any investment in cashier salaries. Store owners can offer multiple payment options – from credit/debit cards to cashless near-field Smartphone ecommerce sites can offer a variety of ways for customers to pay for the purchase bill. Apps are doubling as an inventory control system. Well, integrated apps can instantly decide on placing fresh orders for supplies. Apps have a centralized dashboard to make controlling the entire operation – from receiving to delivering a matter of child’s play.


  1. Apps make it easier to offer discounts for a limited period at short notice. Businesses can offer customers discounts that are instant and time. Apps make it possible for businesses to multiply sales through offers, daily deals, and even hourly deals. Discounts don’t really make any negative impact because the money forgone is easily compensated by higher sales. Apps also make it possible to publicize a new product arrival and first-come-first-served discounts.


  1. Apps are getting less expensive because of the use of innovative technologies. The use of innovative technologies and smart production processes are making it possible for IT product companies to deliver apps that give customers a unique experience. Apps are no longer an expensive tool that only ecommerce majors can use. Ecommerce app in India is becoming extremely popular for driving sales upward. The advantage they enjoy is the rapid rise in the use of smartphones among people.
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