5 Tips To Ask Clients For Quick Payments

One of the best ways to ask for your due upon receipt is to send a customized invoice to your clients. But, what is due upon receipt? Well, it is a request that your invoice is cleared as soon as it is received. However, the business sphere is not the ideal place. Clients often delay payments which in turn may upset your cash flow. So, what can you do in this situation? Well, the idea is to be extremely polite yet very firm in asking for your payments.


Most organizations prefer using online payment platforms for managing their product and billing details. These solutions inform you if an invoice is past its due date. At this stage, you can send an overdue invoice. If still, you don’t get a response, a phone call may help.


While it is suggested that you maintain your calm and composure at all times, you may need to send a legal notice in some cases. But, that is rare and happens when your client refuses to pay your dues or ghosts you.


Here are some tips you must use to get your invoices cleared quickly


1.Get Confirmation For Your Invoice


Before you follow up with your client, make sure your invoice has reached them or not. A professional email and an invoice with all details are a must. Make sure you mention the date of payment and any charges levied if it is delayed. You may choose to use a mail tracker to be double sure if your client has opened your mail or not. Moreover, if you deal with multiple clients, you can use an automated payment reminder process to streamline your finances.

2. Write A Brief Mail After One Week

You gave your best shot, delivered work on time, and made a customized invoice using online payment software, but it’s a week, and you have not received any response from your client. Well, then you must drop a mail reminding them of your due upon receipt invoice and gently mention the late payment fees in the mail body. Finally, make sure you attach the old invoice.

3. Make that Phone Call

When it has been more than a week, and you are not getting responses even after sending polite reminders, it is best to call your client and provide them with options to pay you faster. Luckily, online payment software can be integrated with multiple payment gateways and simplify payment processing to a larger extent.


While this can get difficult to handle, we suggest you keep a friendly tone throughout the call to maintain cordial relations with your clients in the future.


4.Consider Cutting of Future Work

If still, your client pays no heed to your phone calls and emails, you will need to take a harsh step. We suggest you send them a mail and inform them that you are cutting future ties with them. There is a possibility that your client, after reading this mail, will be motivated to pay the dues immediately. However, make sure you remain professional at all times and do not resort to blame games for venting out your frustration.

5. Time to Explore Legal Options

If you still don’t manage to get your payment, you must consider filing a case in court with all proof. These include the services you have rendered, your emails, call records, contract of work, and your bank statements. Then, you can integrate your online payment software with other software solutions to manage all these documents in one place.

Here are some professional invoice templates you can make using your online payment software.

# When Invoice is Due by A Day


Subject: [Your Company’s Name]: Invoice #12 Past Due


Hello, [Client’s Name],


I hope you are doing well. It is a reminder that Invoice #12 was due on Wednesday, September 15, and is now a day overdue. I know you are pressed for time and just wanted to be sure that you have received it. Therefore, I have attached the invoice with this mail.

You can pay us via direct transfer, bank transfer, or via check. Please feel free to contact us in case of any confusion regarding the invoice.


Thank you,


[Your Name]


[Your Contact Details]


# When The Invoice Is Due By 2 Weeks


Subject: [Your Company’s Name]: Regarding Invoice #12


Hello [Client’s Name],



I hope this mail finds you in the best of health. I’m writing this mail regarding invoice #12. This is a gentle reminder that payment was due on Wednesday, September 15, and is now 14 days past due. Thus, I request you to send the payment as soon as possible via direct transfer or check. Also, as per payment terms, I will be adding a 5% late fee for overdue payments.


Can you please confirm if you have received my mail? I look forward to your response in the mail.


Warm Regards,


Your Name


Contact Details


Wrapping Up


All said and done, setting some rules for business can work wonders. Make it a point to add a late fee or best charge in advance. If your clients are not comfortable making advances, make sure you have legal contracts in place and request your client to sign them. In this manner you will be able to get payments due upon receipt of the invoice faster and will maintain a solid cash flow.


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