What features should be in Giant LED Screens ?

What features should be in Giant LED Screens


Today, I have been asked twice about IP rating in relation to LED giant screens. This is a very clever question that anyone approaching the industry should ask themselves and (most) the LED display manufacturer. IP is an acronym for Integrations Protection and it identifies “protection” from moisture and suspended particles. The level of IP is defined by two statistics: the first is the level of protection against dust (including pollution), the second against water. Angus Protection Level is an international standard and is used to measure the waterproof of any electronic device. Products with high quality products keep the internal components safe and clean, while lower IPs mean the device can be water and dust sensitive.

This angles protection level is especially important when a giant screen is meant for outdoor use though it is almost invaluable for indoor applications, where there is no risk of rain and pollution. If you need Giant LED Screens along with the specification details presented to you here.

So you may be wondering what is the correct definition is of IP65. Here we go:

  • 6 (Dust) Dust does not penetrate tight dust.
  • 5 (Water) The offer of water from the nozzle against the wall in any direction protected by aquatic aircraft will have no adverse effect.
  • Now, if you want to know about the IP rate, you may also ask: 
  • How can the screen are dusted if you have a forced ventilation system? 
  • Will the dust not enter the air together?

Giant LED screen industry

In the LED giant screen industry, it is usually not called the front (backwards) of the IP rate screen, which is most exposed to environmental agents, and therefore the pressure to do so. Please note that this information is not clearly stated by the manufacturers of the largest LED screens: some of them do not specify on their brochures or websites that the IP65 only points to the front is done, not the back side.

In fact, the level of security on the back is generally lower on IP64. IP63 LED screens should not be used in outdoor environments, so when evaluating different manufacturers, please make sure you double-check with them what the rear IP rate is.

Quality features in Giant LED Screens

  • High brightness and resolution LED display
  • Visible in brighter sunlight
  • Solid colors and high contrast ratio
  • Capable of producing amazing visual results
  • High refresh rate for display
  • Low power consumption
  • Extra cooling with the scorching heat
  • Easy assembling and disassembling weather conditions
  • Best for indoor HD displays
  • Interactive LED displays

Along with these features outdoor locations will require large size LED displays and like the best visual options we obtain with it. It is manufactured of best things and about led screens for stadiums and sport facilities. so as like that the transparent LED displays are considered ideal choice for people who want to advertise their products along with hiding their stores interior view and locations.

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