Beautiful Earth Stone Paint Colors for Your Home

Everyone loves the color of brown. It is a color of infatuation by every designer known. Is it the its depth and richness? Its classiness? Is it because it is a color of earthy, as enticing as melted chocolate? For a fact, brown should not always have to be dark and dramatic. It brings a subtle warmth to any room. For the best house painters in town, visit this link:

a.       Ligonier Tan – this is a shade of brown that bears a warm glow of candlelight. It is a blend of pumpkin and putty, which adds the feeling of coziness to any room.

b.      Mink – This is a good safe choice to make a brown room. The color is not too umber and not too black. If you blend it with McCloskey’s glazing compound, which adds depth and resonance you usually do not get from gloss paint. Use it in your bedroom to feel tranquility. You may go into that room and right away fall asleep. 

c.       Autumn Dusk – This shade is comparable to a tea-leaf. It is caramely brown with slight touch of green in it. Hence, adding more life to a room compared to the typical brown. During the night, it remains glowing and fresh. Designers say that it is a shade of very earthy, yet sophisticated, too. It emphasizes the other colors like bone, mustard, cerulean blue, blush pink, cinnabar red, black and lavender. 

d.      Etruscan Red – This color will remind you of the beautiful wonderful neoclassical rooms like Karl Friedrich Schinkel from Berlin and Robert Adam of England. This shade bears an exciting glow which the basic brown doesn’t bear. This is because it has a hint of red. Everyone loves red. Add it to achieve an extra depth and apply woodwork in faux-stone. Also, you can add in a bit of gold and a deep green, as well as modern furniture on sleek wood floors while placing a Greek vase in the middle.

e.       Chocolate Truffle – Any shade of brown can be very traditional or modern. It is a favorite color during the 1960s. Try it with other colors like gold and orange, which is a unique choice for decorating. Or match it with tons of white, pink, lavender or apple green. For a fact, you may use this shade in a powder room bearing a white plaster mirror and peony-pink scenes. The room would look like a strawberry-cream chocolate bonbon.

f.        Appalachian Brown – The color of brown is the new neutral during these modern times. It is brighter compared to taupe. The shade is dark and rich. Use it for TV rooms, libraries and bedrooms. You may pair it with the colors of emerald green, magenta, purple or turquoise. A lot of people are basically afraid of dark colors when it comes to the interiors of a house, but brown is a classic choice, together with navy blue or burgundy.

g.      Galvanized – The shade of brown is known to be a masculine color, which perfectly matches feminine colors such as coral, robin’s egg blue and pink. This color is a part of the nature’s neutrals, which is the reason why it can be matched with almost everything. Also, this shade is the color of the peat moss that surrounds the flowerbeds. It bears a tint of red in it, which adds a warm feeling to any room.

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