Vladimir Sloutsker: about the life, work, and future of Israel

A well-known politician and successful businessman, Vladimir Sloutsker, shares his thoughts on the future of Israel. He is the head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, which defends the interests of the Jewish people. Politician often has a hard time. In particular, there were difficulties in the process of recognizing Hamas as a terrorist organization. On this occasion, Vladimir Sloutsker even had a conflict with the foreign ex-minister. However, Israel’s interestshave always been apriority forhim.

The politician overcame all the difficulties successfully.Today he holds a Ph.D.and is proud of the development level of his country – Israel. Although it took a long time to observe the progress of the native country from afar. His parent’s work did not give the opportunity to move to Israel in the early years, so Vladimir Sloutsker returned to his historic homeland only in 2011. After that, he founded the Israeli-Jewish Congress, which is successfully operating today. Concerning the main tasks of theCongress, it is one of the principal links between the Israeli government and the Jewish communities in the European Union. It is necessary to unite and fight against any manifestations of aggression and violenceduring the time of growing anti-Semitic attacks.

In spite of the fact that Israel participated in various non-governmental institutions, there was no “bridge” between the government and organizations in Israel and the Jewish communities. Congress was created with the aim to build such a “bridge”. And already in 2 years after its creation, Congress established a dialogue between 3 parties – Israel, Europe, and the USA. The Jewish leaders of all these countries began an active dialogue and organized mutual support.

Considering the fact that the entire Jewish population, due to historical reasons, cannot be concentrated only in Israel, establishing interconnection between the communities is one of the top priorities for the further development of the country. Vladimir Sloutsker supportsan idea that every person who can prove his Jewish origin should have the right to receive Israeli citizenship. And no matter where this person lives. Citizenship brings only a sense of pride and responsibility for their country.

At the same time, modern youth living outside of Israel do not feel such attachment for Israel as previous generations. The reason lies in the lack of a relationship between the state of Israel and its diaspora. It is necessary tousean integrated approach tosolve this problem. One of the ways is to unite all Jewish communities, which will help to fight anti-Semitismtogether, as the consequences of it are becoming worse. It is necessary to organize protests, express mutual support and provide mutual assistance if the Jewish population faces any manifestations of anti-Semitism. Only by coming as onewe can solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is also necessary to highlight anti-Semitic attacks in the media so that the world community knows about them and reacts.

Today Vladimir Sloutsker lives in the UK. He moved there for his daughter’s education. At the same time, the politician emphasizes that Jews living in the UK are more autonomous, and the work of their community is organized at a high level. The British government provides substantial support to organizations that fight terrorism, including anti-Semitism. Vladimir Sloutsker states that it is important to be active, creative and work in a comprehensive way when it comes to combating anti-Semitism. This phenomenon needs to be eradicated as soon as possible and we must prevent its further manifestations. The politician openly calls Hezbollah a terrorist organization and calls on the UK to ban it. This organization home not only politicians but also the military workers. Although politicians control the actions, the military isexecuting them.

Also,Vladimir Sloutsker supports the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In doing so, the politician emphasizes that Israel is a respected country that plays a significant role in the international community. But today, he thinks that there is one major problem that requires urgent solutions. This problem is the division of society. If the United States has been pursuing an active policyaimed at overcoming national and racial conflicts for many years, then Israel is just beginning to work in this direction. It needs to cooperate with other governments. That will help solve the problem of anti-Semitism in a comprehensive manner. If we succeed in overcoming hatred aimed at the Jewish people and other national minorities, it will be a victory for the entire world community.

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