Drug Addiction Essay

1= introduction.
2=The use of drugs and the manner of their use.
3=Causes of drug addiction.
4=Steps taken.
                     More and more people have begun using drugs like heroin , opium,
cannabis and marijuana all over the world.Drug addiction has become a major social problem and one which particularly threatens young people in their teens and twenties.Drugs are substances that alter the way of the human body
works,changing our moods and affecting our behaviour.Drug addiction is as old as human society itself–but the changes that the twentieth century has brought has made it more universal and more threatening than ever before.
     Young men and men and woman , students and workers of all kinds in different countries have started using drugs. Those who start their use soon get into the habit of taking them regularly.The drugs affect their body and mind so badly that day they cannot work properly.According to the recent survey , there are 13 million drug addicts in Pakistan.
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                                        There are numerous reasons for this widespread social evil. The most horrible is unemployment, lack of employment throws the young generation into the void. When a young man sees the open violation of merit, he gets frustrated. These result in an extreme degree of disappointment and most of them become drug addicts.The dealers of drugs work with proper planning.They have their agents even in educational institutions.In the police department ,
they have their touts.They induce the youngsters to use narcotics.First of all,free doses are given to them.Once they become addicts,they are under the control of these dealers to death.
                                       To check this evil, the government should plan things sincerely.The network of the dealers should be broken.Cultivation and production of opium has been stopped.Persuasive as well as coercive measures are being adopted to stop this heroin business.Cooperation of there  countries like the U.S.A.,Britain, West Germany and Canada has been sought to counter its spread.The treatment of addicts in done through counselling.In Pakistan, 26 weaning treatment centers have been established throughout the country.Severe punishments are awarded to those who conduct this obnoxious business.
              Spreading drug addiction is a challenge to us. The parents should be alert and keep a close watch on their children. Children should be advised properly in this matter.We should extend every help to the government for controlling this dangerous activity.We should keep in mind the Holy prophet’s (SAW) quotation.Intoxication is the mother of evils and the greatest sin.We should educate people about the abuse of drugs through various purposeful means of communication.Thus we can save our people from falling prey to drug abuse.
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