SMS Marketing – The shortest and quickest marketing process

Since the growth of mobile network all over the globe in almost every corner, there has been a boom in the marketing industry. New solutions are coming up now and then. And then, there is one idea that has taken quick marketing to a new level, i.e., SMS marketing.

SMS marketing, as the word goes – is marketing through SMS service (Short message service). The main reason why SMS marketing is growing so quickly is that of its high conversion rate at the expense of very less cost. Low investment-high return strategy perfectly fits SMS marketing.

A simple example of SMS marketing that every one of us sees in our daily life is receiving OTP from different banking websites for login and transaction purpose. We can clearly see how quickly we react to an SMS. The same technology is extended to fetch the customers for new products.

SMS marketing can be highly beneficial during the following times:

  • New product launch
  • Event promotions
  • Upgradation of plan
  • Offers and benefits
  • Regular event updates

Even with a limitation of words in SMS, as compared to E-mails or any other platform, SMS have higher chances of reaching quickly, as they do not require internet. There is a high rate of delivery and reading of SMS by the customer in first 10 minutes. Thus, more customers can be fetched in a short span of time. You can click here to know more.

Once you choose to do SMS marketing for your startup, you will find hundreds of companies who are providing SMS marketing service, but there are some who excel in this skill and are capable of taking your business to the moon and back. Let us understand the benefits of bulk SMS marketing –

  1. Low rate: How much does it take to send an SMS? Less than a few bucks. You can get 10000 SMS for just 1000 bucks. That’s much cheaper than using internet service or any other marketing form.


  1. Target population: You get to reach a large audience more easily, with less hassle and less occupancy of resources. Every company tries to send any form of communication with an aim to target the maximum possible audience. SMS marketing serves this purpose more quickly.


  1. Personalize: You can personalize the SMS as per the information you have in your format without any need of specific template, if you see, it is a freedom.


  1. Short message: As it is an SMS, whatever message you want to communicate to your audience, is short and attractive. Thus there are more chances that customer will read it. All you need to make sure is that the SMS is relevant to your purpose.


  1. Easy to promote: SMS are much more attractive when it comes to discount and offers.

Let us see how different businesses are benefited by SMS service:

  1. Real estate: Discount and special offers during the festive season on properties are quick ways to get new customers. Also, SMS containing discount figures and Emi related figures attract more customers.
  2. Banking and financial: As we discussed above in the article, OTP is the most common purpose why banks use this. SMS are not only providing marketing to banks but also help in improving the safety parameters of users. This brings in more trust of the user to the firm, and ultimately you retain a customer.

Also, offers on loans are much easily communicated on SMS than any other platform. This can be a major player where people are not much rich, and internet is not highly consumed. SMS always works in such a community.


  1. Schools: Parents get the update via SMS about their children’s activities in school. Also, many exam updates can be received to students as well as their parents. This is ultimately retaining the customers.

With Simple Texting, you are allowed to create SMS marketing campaigns where you can decide the type of audience, no of audience and demographics of the audience.

Different features that are offered by simple texting are:

  • Keyword Subscription: They provide a short code and a keyword to you that reach to people, and people can message the keyword back to the number in order to subscribe to your SMS list.


  • Text-2-vote: Even in SMS, they provide tools for you to include links which can be used for polls and voting.


  • Scheduling of text: Once you’re reading with your marketing plan and target audience detailing, simple texting scheduling feature allows you to create scheduled posts in the app/software to set up a specific time and no of messages to be sent. This makes your work easy as well so that you can more focus on the content.


  • Result monitoring: Simple Texting allows its users who are doing SMS marketing campaigns to track their growth by providing them a platform to look at no of SMS sent, no of SMS opened and converted to calls (if calling numbers are given), business reach increase, no of subscribers, in the form of visuals and charts.

Simple Texting is offering its customers to first take a trial for seven days, so that they can learn to use it properly, understand the wide range of benefits, realize the importance and effect of SMS marketing, then take a premium program to perform the SMS marketing operations on a full scale.

Here is their charging rate –

  • 500 SMS/month: $25/month
  • 1000 SMS/month: $45/month
  • 2000 SMS/month: $75/month
  • 3000 SMS/month: $95/month
  • 7500 SMS /month: $145/month
  • 25000 SMS/month: $375/month
  • 50000 SMS/month: $625/month

As they say on their website, they have included a few services on all their plans, those services are:

  • Peerless support
  • No limit to keywords
  • No contact limits
  • Incoming message is not chargeable
  • Shortcode: Easy to remember
  • Analysis of business

It is one of the oldest and continuing SMS marketing services in the market. Those looking for quick and powerful growth of their market and want to reach people to buy their product, must understand SMS marketing and its benefits and use them in real time.

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