5 tech apps which will make your traveling fun and enjoyable


Traveling is fun and there is no second thought for the same. But to make it memorable and fun we need to put some effort. Nowadays people more focus on the tech gadgets to make the journey more convenient and easy for everyone.

And so, we thought to put the 5 best apps which can make the journey really easy, smooth, and convenient for everyone. This app won’t only show you the easy and convenient path to reach the destination but also the fare breakup, expense tracker and will help you find the co-traveler as well.

Let’s start and check the 5 best apps which can be used while traveling which can make the plan more exciting and convenient. These plans can be a historic place like the statue of liberty or a spiritual place like the church on the rise reviews in Canada or any seashore to spend some quality time.

#1 Untapped

Untapped is one-point destination kind of app to discover the local beer and bars in your area. Once you will start using the app, it will keep adding the personalized data to your profile based on your interest and taste.

The app is addictive and you will be hardly left with any check-ins. If you have used the apps like foursquare then using Untapped will be quite easy for you and work in the similar fashion. If not also, using the app will be quite fun and enjoyable.

#2 Now

Yes, this is an app for all the traveler who is a social traveler and likes to go together. Now is a one-tap app for accessing all kind of local news and events. If you are a social guy then definitely you won’t want to leave the local festivals and culture behind while going through that place and Now app will be a perfect destination for the same. The app is very easy to use and somehow looks similar to the Google map kind of thing.

#3 Google Map

How you can forget our own Google map when you are travelling. We are addicted to it…aren’t we?

Yes, for all kind of small or big distances, we use the map and the same can be done while we are travelling. You can check the easiest route depending on the vehicle you are using, the convenient way to reach there and the traffic on that route. Now, Google map is even showing shortest route for a different kind of vehicle and you can take benefits of the same.  The app will be even more useful if you are doing road trips.

#4 Grouper

Well, if you are living somewhere alone and want to visit someplace with someone then Grouper is the app for you. Just enter the place you would like to visit and Grouper will match it to some boy or girl who also wishes to follow the same. Although this is not a dating app but when you will use this for the first time, you will feel the same. Once you are matched with someone, you need to plan some meeting and from there you can take the discussions.


Missing the home-based food while traveling? Then you should try this app for sure. Using HomeDine, you can get the local home-made food while travelling and get the local taste with home-based flavour.

In a nutshell

This was the 5 best tech app you should have while travelling. You must use these apps if you really want to enjoy your travelling to the full of mode possible. The best thing is either these apps are free, or the free version is available for you to use. By these ways, technology is changing the tourism industry a lot and providing a smooth experience.

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