Truecaller App for Spam Call Blocker

Truecaller App for Spam Call Blocker

Truecaller is a powerful caller ID and spam blocking app that helps protect users from unwanted calls and messages. On iOS, Truecaller identifies spam calls but you have to manually block them by creating a “SPAM” contact in your phonebook. The app must be running in the background on iOS for spam detection to work. Truecaller is free with a premium subscription available. It has over 350 million users globally and exists to make communication safer by blocking spam calls and messages.

The Key Features for Blocking Spam Calls

  • Spam call identification and blocking

    Truecaller automatically identifies spam calls and blocks top spammers. It puts a red caller ID on spam calls so you know not to answer.

  • Create your own block list

    You can block individual phone numbers, message senders by name, country codes, or number series to stop unwanted calls and SMS.

  • Extended top spammers list

    A premium feature that blocks spam callers with lower spam scores in addition to top spammers.

  • Block hidden/private numbers

    Allows blocking calls from hidden or private numbers.

  • Fraud detection for SMS

    Detects fraudulent SMS messages, disables links, and restricts access until sender is marked safe. 

Can Truecaller Block Calls from Unknown Numbers

Truecaller provides multiple ways to automatically and manually block calls from unknown, hidden, or unwanted numbers, giving you full control over your incoming communications. The app continuously updates its spam lists to keep you protected from the latest spammers.

Truecaller provides several features to block calls from unknown numbers:

  • Block Top Spammers

    Truecaller automatically blocks the most problematic spam callers in your area, requiring no manual intervention on your part. This free feature on Android blocks the top spammers.

  • Block Hidden/Private Numbers

    Truecaller allows you to block calls from hidden or private numbers. This helps stop unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

  • Create Your Own Block List

    Truecaller empowers you to block individual phone numbers, even if they are not known spammers. This lets you proactively block calls from any unknown numbers you don’t want to receive.

  • Block by Country Code

    Truecaller lets you block calls from specific countries, which can be useful for blocking international calls from unknown numbers.

  • Block All International Calls

    For those who don’t expect calls from abroad, Truecaller offers the option to block all incoming calls from foreign numbers.

Is Truecaller Available for Both Android and Ios

Yes, Truecaller is available for both Android and iOS devices. Truecaller is a cross-platform app that is fully functional on both the major mobile operating systems – Android and iOS. Users can download and use the core Truecaller features on either platform. 

The key points are:

  • Truecaller can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • The app provides caller ID, spam blocking, and other features on both Android and iOS.
  • Truecaller has a premium subscription option that unlocks additional features like advanced spam blocking and an ad-free experience on both Android and iOS.
  • Truecaller Assistant, the call screening and voice-based virtual assistant feature, is also available on both Android and iOS as part of the premium subscription.

The Main Differences Between Truecaller’s Free and Premium Versions

The premium and gold versions unlock more advanced features for blocking spam, searching profiles, and customizing your caller ID experience compared to the free version of Truecaller. The free version provides basic caller ID and spam blocking, while the premium version removes ads, provides more blocking features, and adds profile viewing, incognito mode, and a premium badge. The gold version further adds gold caller ID, call announcing, messaging app caller ID, and ghost call features. 

Premium Features

  • No ads
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Incognito mode to search profiles anonymously
  • Premium badge to look professional when making calls
  • Unlimited contact requests (30 per month in free version)
  • Advanced blocking features
  • Call recording (not available on iOS 9 and above)

Gold Features

  • Gold caller ID
  • Announce calls
  • Messaging apps caller ID
  • Ghost call
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