How do Italians stay slim while eating pizza and pasta?

Italians eat more pasta daily than people in any other country, yet they are among the slimmest people in Europe, with nearly half the obesity rate of America. The secret isn’t in how much pizza and pasta they eat, but rather what they eat with it.

Dr. Cara Brunetti is a doctor, nutritionist, and the author of many bestselling health publications. After decades of researching the world’s most powerful superfoods, she stumbled upon what might be the single best ingredient for helping you lose fat. Today, you can use it to regain the looks, energy, and confidence you deserve.

Could the secret to staying slim be eating more fat?

I know what you’re thinking: How can eating fat help you lose it? Well, the answer may surprise you. There’s a delicious superfood, consumed by some of the longest-living, healthiest people in the world, that has recently been proven to speed up metabolism and help you lose fat without super strict diets or exercising every single day.

I’m Dr. Cara Brunetti. For over 20 years, I’ve been the doctor people turn to when they’ve tried every possible way to lose fat but just can’t get the results they crave. Today, I’m going to introduce you to an amazing 7,000-year-old Italian superfood that I believe is the missing link between you and the body you desire. Proven to shred pound after pound of excess stubborn body fat.

This food transformed my own health, taking me from overweight and struggling to fitter than I’ve ever been, and giving me the energy to go jogging every morning, even in the rain and dark. It’s been shown to boost your metabolism by 290%, helping you burn more calories without exercise while also curbing cravings.

Best of all, this food sends signals to your gut to stop storing fat and start burning it.

I’m talking about extra virgin olive oil.

When used correctly and in the right amounts, extra virgin olive oil is an incredible tool for fat loss, more radiant skin and hair, and even a longer life.

But if used incorrectly, it can work against you and even lead to weight gain. You see, it’s not the olive oil itself that provides these fantastic benefits, but a group of tiny, magical molecules inside it: polyphenols. Polyphenols are a rare type of super nutrient that olives produce to protect against high heat and other stressors. They are the olives’ own natural medicine, and when you consume them, they pass the benefits onto you. In fact, according to the world’s foremost anti-aging expert, Dr. David Sinclair — a man famous for maintaining youthful looks well into his fifties — polyphenols can even protect you from a bad diet and mimic the effects of exercise without you having to leave the sofa.

However, there’s just one problem: Polyphenols are extremely fragile, and modern olive oil production methods nearly eradicate them. First, growers spray olives with toxic pesticides that leach into the fruit, poisoning every polyphenol they come into contact with. Next, they grow more olives than the soil can sustain, leading to soil exhaustion and depletion over time. This is catastrophic for polyphenol levels, with recent research showing that poor soil can result in up to 200 times fewer polyphenols. To make matters worse, growers then add fertilizers, which are the final blow, virtually eliminating any remaining antioxidants and leaving behind an olive oil that is devoid of health benefits, looks off-color, and hardly even tastes like olive oil. In fact, the decline in modern olive oil quality is so severe that one in three bottles sold in supermarkets today fails to meet legal quality standards.

A government investigation has exposed many olive oils as fakes, watered down with vegetable oils and containing ultra-toxic trans fats. These can lead to weight gain without any increase in calorie consumption. The worst part is that this issue is not confined to one region; olive oils from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy — places we associate with quality — are also compromised. Giant industrial farms prioritize profits over your health, turning what Ancient Romans once dubbed “the great healer” into something more likely to harm you.

However, there is an exception.

While most olive growers focus on ever-bigger yields at the expense of quality, there’s one type of extra virgin olive oil that has not only avoided this decline but has actually improved. This exceptional olive oil is rich in polyphenols and minerals, and it has the unique power to help you torch fat, while eating all of your favorite foods and without going to the gym.

Moreover, it comes from the unlikeliest of places. During my search for the most potent olive oil, I studied areas where people live longest and yet maintain youthful appearances and vigor.

I asked myself: what’s the common thread among these longevity hotspots? It’s not their level of physical activity, the salt or fat in their diet, or even their genetic makeup. The surprising factor is their proximity to volcanoes. Believe it or not, many of the world’s longest-living people reside near volcanic regions. How can living next to dangerous volcanoes contribute to longevity?

The answer is fascinating. Volcanic magma enriches food with high levels of polyphenols, granting anyone who consumes it a flush of youthfulness. When a volcano erupts, it releases mineral-packed magma that eventually turns into rock and, over millions of years, erodes into nutrient-rich red soil — perfect for olive trees. Plant an olive tree in this soil, and you’ve got a polyphenol factory that significantly improves almost every aspect of your health, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Finding a source of volcanic olive oil, however, was not easy. Olives grown in volcanic soil are rare and often reserved for Michelin-starred restaurants. I also had strict quality requirements: the olives had to be organic, harvested in October when polyphenol levels peak, and processed within six hours to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. After months of searching in Italy’s volcanic regions, I almost gave up. Then I stumbled upon a family-run farm in Tuscany located on the slopes of an ancient volcano. The farmer, Franco, showed me around and told me the history of the land, which last experienced a volcanic eruption 300,000 years ago.

I sent samples of Franco’s olive oil for lab tests, and the results were staggering. The polyphenol levels were off the charts, surpassing anything I’d seen before. Although Franco could offer only a limited supply due to the small scale of his operation, I knew this unique blend could transform the health of people around the world. Franco made it clear that his farm could only produce a limited quantity, so if I wanted more, I’d have to wait for the next year’s harvest.

It felt like an eternity, but I knew that something this special was worth waiting for. And so with Franco’s samples on hand, I contacted an FDA approved. GMP certified lab in the United States to develop Franco’s Olive Oil into a capsule form for maximum absorption. This way the impact would be more potent and weight loss effect would be more noticeable.

Now, one year later, I’m thrilled to introduce Olivine!

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