How to Choose the Perfect Mannequin for Your Shop

Mannequins are an indispensable element in any clothing store. They help define the style of a point of sale and highlight the performance of a garment (or accessory) to draw people’s attention to the products, transforming them into potential customers.

Different models are available depending on needs: each mannequin can represent a completely different trend and target customer. A sports shop with a different audience will have a different atmosphere than a high-end boutique. For this reason, it is important to choose the most suitable model before selecting a full-body mannequin for sale to make the most of each product.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Model

Realistic and Shaped Mannequins

Numerous models are available on the market for men, women, and children in different styles, materials, colors, and sizes. Realistic models are among the most used as they are versatile and easily adaptable to any style, from classic to modern.

They are characterized by features that reproduce the human figure in a realistic way and are the ideal choice for multiple styles, from refined and elegant boutiques to shops with modern and contemporary tastes. With soft and harmonious lines, they are also perfect for people who wear plus-size dress forms, as they best represent this type of physicality.

Stylized and Sporty Mannequins

The stylized models have more simplified lines than the previous ones: the simple design adapts perfectly to a young, modern, and contemporary style. Sportswear shops often choose these models as they are perfect for a young and dynamic audience in order to enhance technical and sportswear best.

Thanks to the removable parts, they can be dressed, rotated, and used in different positions in order to simulate the actions of multiple sports disciplines (from football to skiing, from tennis to dance, from running to trekking, and so on).

Interior Design Tips

How many fashion mannequins should you choose for your shop, and where is it best to place them? Which color is best to opt for? How many models should be used in the showcase? Setting up a shop requires the right precautions: below are some useful tips to make the most of the spaces by creating the right atmosphere, which can attract potential customers and encourage them to purchase.

How many mannequins to use?

If using numerous mannequins in a small space can convey a sense of suffocation, having just a few in a very large area could be distracting. Are the windows large? Is the internal space large or small? Before making any choice, it is a good idea to study the layout of the spaces as best as possible to guarantee the right visual balance.

What color to choose?

Models are available in many different colors: transparent, flesh-colored, white, black, colored, with shades, and all with a glossy or matte finish. It is usually better to choose models in neutral tones that not only recall the real complexion of the people but also risk having an excessive contrast with the colors of the garments.

Is it necessary to use a single style?

Mixing different models can be a good solution; the important thing is to have stylistic continuity. For shops aimed at a young audience, for example, elegant mannequins with refined poses could be better! Furthermore, the models in the window must best reflect the style of those inside: people must find an atmosphere in the store that reflects the colors and style conveyed by the external displays.

How to Buy Quality Mannequins at Advantageous Prices

For a shop, having high-quality mannequins is essential to convey the beauty and exclusivity of its products to potential customers. For this reason, it is important to rely on partners with consolidated experience, able to offer professional solutions for every need: among the best companies in Europe, we find Valentino, a historic company specializing in selling female and male mannequins for shops and retail businesses.

The company offers a vast selection of very high-quality models and accessories designed to set up boutiques and shops of all types. The materials are carefully selected to offer aesthetically impeccable but long-lasting models.

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