Dog Bites: What Do You Do If You Are Bitten By A Dog?

Dog bites, while common, can be very serious. Infection can pose a greater threat than the physical trauma that can result from a dog biting. The infection that can result from a dog bite can be severe if it is not treated correctly and quickly. Knowing the risks and taking the right steps can make the difference between recovery. A dog bite accident lawyer will help make sure that any necessary medical treatment is paid for and will guide you through the legal ramifications.

Dog Bites: Infection Risk

The bacteria in the mouths of dogs can be dangerous when they get into an open wound. According to Pediatrics, up to 16% of dog bites will become infected. The following are frequent infections associated with dog bites:

  • Rabies

Overview: Rabies is a viral illness that affects your nervous system. Once symptoms begin to appear, it is almost always fatal.

Spread: A virus is spread by saliva from an animal that has been infected. In the United States, it is uncommon to see rabies in domestic dogs because of vaccination programs. However, this remains a major concern.

Symptoms: Early-stage symptoms include fever, weakness, and headache. As the disease progresses, there can be symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and confusion. There may also be hallucinations or fear of water.

  • Tetanus

Overview: Tetanus is caused by Clostridium tetani. It creates intense muscular spasms and interferes with your neural system.

Transmission: These bacteria can be transmitted through puncture wounds that are deep, like those caused by dog bites.

Seizures: Seizures, muscle spasms, or stiffness in your jaw are common after an injury.

  • Pasteurella

Overview: Pasteurella is a type of bacteria found in the mouth or dogs. It can cause cellulitis, which is an infection in the skin or underlying tissues.

Infection: Bacteria is transmitted via dog bites. It can cause a rapid infection.

Symptoms: Affected areas may experience redness and swelling at the site of the bite, as well as pain and tenderness. Fever and swollen or enlarged lymph nodes are also possible.

  • Capnocytophaga

Spread: It spreads through bites. It is particularly dangerous for those with weakened immunity systems, like the elderly or chronically ill.

Symptoms: Symptoms are fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, muscle pain and muscle swelling. Sepsis, which is life-threatening, can develop in severe cases.

Dog Bites And Infections: Prevention And Treatment

Immediate Action:

  • Remove the Wound: As soon as possible, wash the area thoroughly with water and soap. This will remove bacteria from the wound and reduce infection risk.
  • Apply an Antiseptic Solution: After cleansing, apply an antiseptic solution to a wound.
  • Seek Professional Medical Attention: Seeking immediate medical attention is crucial if you suspect your dog is rabid or if the bite was severe.

Medical Treatment:

  • Antibiotics: Often, doctors prescribe antibiotics to treat or prevent infection.
  • The Tetanus Shot: In case your tetanus is out-of-date, it may be time to have a booster.
  • Rabies After-Exposure (PEP): In the event of any rabies risk, you should receive a series of vaccinations.


Watch out for signs: When you notice any of these symptoms, it is time to take action. The presence of flu-like or fever symptoms can indicate an infection.

Compensation and Legal Issues

A dog’s bite can be a serious legal issue. In this case, a dog-biting accident lawyer is invaluable. The following are several points to bear in mind:

  • Report the Incident:

Local Authorities: The bite was reported to local police or animal control. This is crucial in documenting the incident for legal proceedings.

  • Document Everything:

Collection of Evidence: Take pictures of your injuries. Also, keep a record of any conversations you may have had with witnesses or the owner.

  • Consult the Dog Bite Injury Lawyer:

Guidance on Legal Matters: A dog bite lawyer can help explain your rights, as well as what compensation you might be entitled to. Compensation can include medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.


Dog bites carry more danger than just pain. They are a source of serious infections which need to be treated immediately. Knowing what infections are possible and how to react can make all the difference. To ensure that you are properly compensated for any losses or suffering, a dog-bite accident lawyer will be needed. Protecting your health and protecting your rights can be done by taking immediate and informed steps.

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