Top 7 Shoes Dropshipping Suppliers: Launch Your Dream Shoe Store Today

The footwear industry is a booming business, with the global market expected to reach a staggering value of over $872 billion by 2025. However, starting a traditional shoe store can be a significant investment, requiring a physical location, inventory management, and upfront costs. This is where dropshipping shoes suppliers come in, offering a low-risk and cost-effective way to launch your dream shoe store.

This article explores seven of the best shoes dropshipping suppliers globally, focusing not just on Chinese giants but also venturing into other international markets. We’ll delve into the types of shoes they offer, quality standards, design trends, size availability, pricing structures, and the unique benefits they provide to online stores worldwide.

Can I dropship shoes?

Absolutely! Dropshipping shoes is a fantastic way to launch your online shoe store without the burden of upfront inventory or managing physical stock. With a dropshipping supplier, you can choose the styles you want to sell, and they’ll handle storing, packaging, and shipping the shoes directly to your customers. This allows you to focus on marketing your store, building your brand, and providing excellent customer service.

Top 7 Shoes Dropshipping Suppliers


Shewin emerges as a top contender for online stores seeking the latest and hottest dropshipping sneakers. They boast a diverse collection encompassing trendy styles like chunky dad sneakers, platform trainers, and sleek minimalist designs. Shewin prioritizes quality, utilizing durable materials and meticulous construction in their footwear. Their trendy designs cater to a fashion-forward audience, ensuring your shoe store stays ahead of the curve. Size inclusivity is another advantage, with a wide range typically catering from US women’s 5 to men’s 13. 

Pricing is competitive, allowing you to offer attractive margins while remaining profitable. Perhaps the most significant benefit Shewin provides is its dropshipping program with no minimum order requirements. This eliminates financial barriers to entry, making it ideal for new businesses to test the waters without a significant upfront investment. Shewin also offers efficient inventory management and responsive customer service to ensure a smooth dropshipping experience.


SaleHoo boasts a massive directory of over 2.5 million verified wholesalers, including many specializing in footwear. Their platform offers a user-friendly search function to find suppliers based on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for trendy sneakers, timeless dress shoes, or comfortable sandals, SaleHoo likely has a supplier to match. Quality varies depending on the vendor, so be sure to read reviews and contact wholesalers directly for details. 

Sizes and prices will also fluctuate, but SaleHoo provides a good starting point for browsing various options. While SaleHoo doesn’t directly handle dropshipping, many of its listed wholesalers do. This means you can find suppliers who handle order fulfillment, thus allowing you to focus on marketing your store. Inventory levels can vary, so check with each supplier for updates. 


Doba prides itself on offering a streamlined dropshipping experience. They partner with a vast network of pre-integrated suppliers, including many shoe wholesalers. This simplifies the process, allowing you to find trendy, high-quality shoes and add them to your store with just a few clicks. Doba provides detailed product information, including size charts and pricing. They also handle order fulfillment and customer service inquiries on your behalf, freeing you up to manage your store.

However, Doba’s pre-integrated network might limit your selection compared to a broader directory like SaleHoo. Additionally, dropshipping through Doba often incurs additional fees compared to sourcing directly from wholesalers. Inventory levels can also vary depending on the supplier.


Silverts caters specifically to footwear wholesalers, offering a vast selection of brand-name shoes for men, women, and children. This is a great option if you want to stock your store with popular brands that customers recognize and trust. Silverts provides detailed information about each shoe, including quality descriptions, size availability, and competitive pricing. While dropshipping isn’t their primary focus, some Silverts wholesalers do offer it. Be sure to inquire with each supplier about their dropshipping policies.

It’s important to note that Silverts caters more to established shoe businesses with a proven track record. They might have higher minimum order quantities compared to other suppliers. Inventory levels can vary depending on the brand and specific shoe. Customer service is typically handled directly by the wholesalers you choose to work with.

Griffati Shoes:

Griffati Shoes takes a unique approach, focusing specifically on high-quality, Italian-made footwear. This is a fantastic option if you want to target a niche market that values premium craftsmanship and timeless style. They offer a curated selection of shoes for men and women, ranging from dressy pumps and oxfords to casual sneakers and boots.

While Griffati Shoes prioritizes quality over sheer quantity, you’ll still find a good variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Pricing reflects the premium nature of the products, but you can potentially command higher margins by offering these unique shoes in your store. Griffati Shoes offers dropshipping options for qualified businesses. Inventory might be more limited compared to broader wholesalers, especially for popular styles.


BrandsGateway offers a treasure trove of designer clothing, fashion accessories, and, yes, even luxury footwear. If you want to cater to a high-end clientele who desires the latest designer trends, BrandsGateway could be a valuable partner. They boast an impressive selection of shoes from top fashion houses, ensuring you can stock your store with coveted brands. However, BrandsGateway caters primarily to established businesses with a proven track record of selling luxury goods. They often have stricter application processes and higher minimum order quantities compared to other suppliers. 

Inventory might be limited for highly sought-after designer shoes. Dropshipping through BrandsGateway comes with additional restrictions. Not all brands allow dropshipping, and those that do might have specific requirements. Customer service is typically handled by BrandsGateway, but any inquiries regarding specific designer policies might require contacting the brand directly.


Modalyst caters to the fashion-conscious crowd, offering a curated selection of trendy clothing, accessories, and footwear from independent designers and boutiques. This is a great option if you want to stock your store with unique pieces that stand out from the mainstream. Modalyst features a wide variety of shoe styles, from statement sneakers to bohemian sandals, ensuring you can cater to diverse customer preferences.

Dropshipping is readily available through Modalyst, allowing you to easily add trendy shoes to your store. Inventory levels can vary depending on the designer, and some might have limited stock for popular items. Customer service is typically handled by the individual sellers on the Modalyst platform, so you might need to communicate with multiple vendors depending on your needs.


The world of shoes dropshipping suppliers offers a treasure trove of possibilities for launching your dream shoe store. This article explored seven exceptional suppliers, each catering to diverse styles, quality standards, and target markets. By carefully considering your target audience and brand identity, you can select the ideal shoes dropshipping supplier to propel your online store to success. Remember, partnering with a reliable supplier with excellent CS service is crucial for ensuring a smooth operation and satisfied customers. With the right dropshipping partner and a strategic approach, you can turn your passion for sneakers and shoes into a thriving online business.

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