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In this modern media world, brands across the globe are continuously seeking new and innovative ways to grab their audiences’ attention, who crave authentic connections. User-generated content is favoured over conventional marketing as it reflects a vote of confidence in its reliability and effectiveness.

According to a report, User-generated videos on YouTube receive 10 times more views than brand-generated videos. This shows that these kinds of videos are highly engaging and can more effectively capture users’ attention. Watching someone unbox, review, give an opinion, or demonstrate a product can be very entertaining and insightful for viewers. 

While user-generated content is immensely popular for its ability to showcase the real and authentic side of your business, that builds trust among your target audience and captivates them to make purchase decisions. Sometimes even UGC videos can fall short of authenticity if the content seems scripted or lacks transparency. This can eventually diminish the quality of the content.

This is where partnering with the top UGC agency in India like UGC Agency can be invaluable. With their proper guidance and expertise, you can ensure that your UGC content remains authentic, transparent, and resonates with your audience. 

The UGC Agency specializes in crafting customized UGC strategies that prioritize genuine engagement and connection. Whether it’s improving the messaging to make it sound more natural and relatable or incorporating different viewpoints to make the content more authentic, the best UGC company in India will guide you through the complexities of authentic content creation. 

Now explore different types of user-generated content that brand’s can use in their marketing campaigns to increase brand ROI. 

Types of UGC Videos Offered By UGC Ads Agency

Unboxing Videos

As consumers, unboxing videos are incredibly entertaining and fun to watch. These videos build anticipation and curiosity as viewers eagerly await the reveal of what’s inside the box. The element of surprise adds to the excitement, especially when the contents are unknown. These videos also give a first impression of the brand’s product. 

While watching these videos thrills consumers, the storyline of the video is equally crucial as the creator discusses the features, packaging, and benefits of the product. The best user generated content agency creates a buzz and captivates audiences with their top-notch storyline. This compels the users to buy the products sooner.

Product Reviews

According to research conducted by Dixa, 93% of consumers look for online reviews before making a purchase. This makes product review videos essential, and the top UGC video agency brings authentic feedback about the product or service to the public. 

They also collect positive comments from already existing customers on various online platforms and use them for more genuine reviews and to reflect real customers’ experiences. By witnessing the positive experiences of others, the public can relate to real-life scenarios, which develops a deeper level of trust and connection.

Product Demonstrations:

With these product demo videos, consumers can understand how the product works in real life and the features of the said product or service. With the best UGC Ads Agency in India, they guide the creators on how to demonstrate the product with more clarity so that consumers are able to comprehend the benefits and functionalities of the product. 

By encouraging users to share their own usage experience, UGC Agency India helps brands create a relatable image. The combination of authenticity, clarity, trustworthiness, and relatability makes consumers more inclined to make a purchase.

Short Video Ads:

Short Video Ads are powerful marketing videos for UGC to captivate attention instantly and convey a message within a brief span of time. With the top UGC video ad company, they will offer a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, reflecting the broad spectrum of the target audience.

For example, Fastrack launched a short UGC campaign, #prideinourpronouns, to celebrate diversity and promote acceptance of individuals regardless of their gender identity or expression. This was shown in a short UGC video ad, which showcased inclusivity and acceptance within the LGBTQIA+ community within a brief period. 

These are some of the main types of UGC videos offered by UGC Agency, but guess what? They are not just limited to this. They can customize and produce content that caters to your brand’s audience.

Let’s look at a successful UGC campaign curated and executed by the top UGC Agency in India.

A Successful UGC Campaign Executed By UGC Agency

UGC Agency partnered with Yes Securities to create UGC videos. The campaign focused on raising awareness of the stock market. UGC Agency partnered with a variety of creators to produce compelling, user-generated content in the form of informative videos and updates. They conducted research and curated the content pillars accordingly i.e. educational videos and the latest update-related topics.

As a result, they delivered more than 40 videos and achieved an average of 28.2 million views. This led to a 9% increase in engagement on the brand’s page and a 5% increase in the number of followers. 

Build your brand’s trust among their potential customers and increase awareness and sales with genuine user-generated content that conveys the brand’s message. Connect with UGC Agency.

Now, along with everything else an agency can provide, let’s check out why UGC Agency is the top user generated video company in India and what makes it stand apart from other agencies. 

Why Should You Choose an UGC Agency?

  • 300 million+ strong networks of content creators:

UGC Agency has a robust network of over 300 million content creators and social media influencers in India. This large-scale community of content creators covers a wide range of niches, languages, and platforms. From fashion and lifestyle creators to gaming and food creators, UGC Agency has access to all of them.

This diverse pool enables UGC Agency to match brands with creators who perfectly align with their campaign objectives, making it the best UGC video company in India

  • Over 1000+ Top-Notch Brands Trust UGC Agency

Over the years, UGC Agency has collaborated with numerous prominent brands, gaining a clientele of more than 1,000 brands. They have worked with giants like Puma, OnePlus, Free Fire, Mama Earth, Groww, and many more.

The trust of many prestigious clients shows that UGC Agency is the best user generated video platform in India. Their consistent delivery of outstanding outcomes is why they attract and retain top-tier clientele. They also have a 70% retention rate. 

  • 30k+ successfully executed UGC Campaign

UGC Agency, recognized as a leading UGC video company in India,  has successfully completed over 30,000 personalized UGC Campaigns worldwide. This demonstrates its ability to handle projects of all sizes and levels of difficulty. 

This expansive portfolio showcases a diverse range of campaigns customized to meet its clients’ specific objectives and audiences. Their attention to detail and customization guarantee that every UGC campaign they oversee in India is unique and impactful.

  • Over 8+ Years of Experience

UGC Agency holds the experience of more than 8 years in executing customized UGC campaigns. Over the years, they have skillfully adapted to the changing digital world, adjusting to keep up with the trends and consistently improving their strategies to deliver the best of the best UGC services in India.

UGC Agency comprises the best experts in India in the said field from prestigious institutes like IIM, IIT, and ISB. They work dedicatedly to construct strategies required for executing UGC campaigns in the country’s best user generated video agency.

  • Cost-effective UGC Videos for your campaigns

UGC Agency specializes in providing cost-effective UGC videos for campaigns. It leverages its extensive experience and strong relationships with content creators to offer affordable, user-generated videos tailored to the brand’s needs.

To Sum Up:

UGC Agency proudly leads the way as India’s premier UGC video ads company. With an approachable strategy towards user-generated content, UGC Agency has accumulated over 8 years of invaluable experience in the field. This experience not only brought them loads of knowledge and insights but also provided a proven track record of success working with top-level brands.

Partnering with UGC Agency ensures that your brand can leverage its expertise to harness the potential of user-generated content. This will benefit your brand in driving success and engagement in today’s competitive market.

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