Top Influencer Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

In Dubai’s dynamic marketing scene, a top influencer marketing agency in UAE, is required for brands to connect with their target audience.

A study, The State of Influencer Marketing in the UAE 2023, has been conducted courtesy of Yaap and Khaleej Times. The study aimed to understand the current status of the influencer marketing industry in the UAE. The study became a testimony to the continuous growth in the influencer marketing specialization, with estimates that the market will cross $20 billion by 2024. The primary reason for this growth was the brands’ continued change in the way they communicate with their target audience. Because influencer marketing is one of the most prominent ways to connect your brand’s audience and captivate them. New technology, platforms, & content styles have helped brands reach their audiences and effectively communicate their messages. 

Let us back to the study of the state of influencer marketing in UAE 2023, where brands like Babyshop, Fitbit, Emirates NBD, FNB, etc, were part of it. These brands found that influencer marketing increased brand engagement by 71.8%, reach and views by 59%, and product sales by 43.6%. 

Dubai’s top brands are turning toward collaborating with best influencer marketing agencies that utilize the talents of the best influencers for brands who create engaging content and strengthen brand identity. 


Remember, for result-oriented influencer marketing, it is important to have an experienced background whose proven records prove their expertise. Choose Grynow Media as a perfect alternative. Grynow is a renowned influencer marketing agency in Dubai with more than 8+ years of experience, and in that time it has helped 1200+ brands achieve sales-oriented profitability. As the agency’s remarkable track record proved. 

Let’s discover why we should consider Grynow as the best influencer marketing agency in Dubai. 

Why Consider Grynow As The Best Influencer Marketing Company in UAE?

There are various reasons for choosing Grynow as the best top influencer marketing company in the UAE, the main ones being the following:

Influence Across Industries:

The agency has 300+ influencers in their pool, and they are well-established in their community. It is an appreciation of the broad reach of influencers that helps brands reach their target audiences. 

The influencer-based campaign for Pantene, run by is a perfect example of this. The agency delivered 30 videos with the help of these 30 craters to highlight the product and increase brand awareness. The agency carefully selected the best influencers who were well-known names in their respective fields and led a solid fan base. Due to its extensive network of influencers, is considered the top influencer marketing agency in Middle East.

Personalized Campaigns For All Scales: differentiates in creating strategies that can handle campaigns of varying scales. The agency guarantees that each strategy is customized according to the brand’s goals and objectives. 

One of the best-personalized campaigns by the agency is Kitkat’s influencer-based campaign. The objectives of the brand were to create interest among the customers by promoting the new flavor of the product. To fulfill this objective, Grynow selected 7 mid-tier and mega influencers who had a more engaged and trusting audience. With this strategy, the brand achieved a balanced and influential influencer marketing approach that maximized reach, engagement, and overall campaign success.

ROI Maximization Through Analytics:

Another reason to choose as the best influencer marketing company in Dubai is its data-driven approach. The primary focus is on leveraging data to optimize return on investment (ROI) for brands engaging in influencer collaborations. The agency doesn’t stop to create the campaign, but it focuses on strengthening its impact. For this, it analyzes various data related to the campaign, like audience engagement, reach, and conversion rates. This provides identification of what aspects of influencer campaigns are driving the most value. By analyzing this data, Team reaches those areas where they need improvement. This understanding enhances the campaign and maximizes ROI.

Local Expertise:

Choose to develop a successful influencer marketing campaign in UAE because of its localized approach. Based on the Middle East region, the agency understands local market trends and cultural nuances. By sensing the preferences and culture of the UAE audience, the agency creates influencer campaigns that engage the local audience. For example, collaborated with the Middle East’s top social media creators to build the presence of international brands in the UAE that are strongly connected with the local culture. It communicates the brand’s message effectively and fits with the preferences and values of the UAE audience. 

Influencer Marketing Services in UAE Offered by

TikTok Influencer Marketing:

TikTok has a youthful user base, which makes it an ideal platform for brands targeting younger demographics. Along with this, its unique algorithm helps the content go viral quickly. As a versatile top influencer marketing agency in the Middle East, introduces TikTok Influencer Marketing. The agency collaborates with the best TikTokers in the Middle East and produces everything from product promotions to explainer videos.

Instagram Influencer Marketing:

Instagram is primarily a visual platform that proves to be the perfect platform for the presentation of products and services. Partner with Grynow. ae to get the ultimate influencer marketing services in Dubai/UAE, like instagram influencer marketing. The agency utilizes all the robust features of Instagram, like Stories, IGTV, Reel, etc. The agency makes Instagram influencer marketing successful by creating content diversity and strategic campaigns.

Facebook Influencer Marketing:

Grynow’s other influencer marketing services in UAE include Facebook influencer marketing, which helps boost brand awareness and sales. The agency uses Facebook’s Prime features, such as Live, Stories, and 360-degree videos, to develop products or services. The videos help the audience get an overall idea of the product based on which they can make their decision.

YouTube Influencer Marketing:

YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms globally. YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms globally, and supports various content formats, including vlogs, tutorials, reviews, and entertainment videos. As one of the best influencer marketing experts in Dubai, Grynow is a master in creating YouTube Influencer Marketing. The agency collaborates with the best influencers to create engaging and educational videos to increase brand awareness.


Joining as the best influencer marketing agency in Middle East is a smart decision. By working with top social media creators, the agency has won the trust of 1000+ brands for more than 8 years. Rooted in the Middle East, the agency understands local market trends and cultural nuances and creates profitable campaigns. 

Entrust your brand with influential partnerships of!

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