Summer Safety & Vaping

People who vape are likely to discover that heat and sunlight have a greater influence on their experience than they would have imagined, since it’s practically midsummer. When enjoying your vgod pod 4k 4000 puffs vape experience, you can never be too safe as long as you have supplies like batteries and nicotine on hand. There’s nothing more dangerous than a damaged e-juice or battery that has overheated. Today, we’re going to look at five safe summertime vaping techniques! You’ll definitely notice some overlap as many of these tips are complimentary to each other!

#1 – Don’t keep your vnsn 12000 puffs  in your pocket when it’s hot!

Even though carrying your vnsn 12000 puffs in your pocket for quick on-the-go use may seem practical, doing so in the heat may be a little dangerous. You face the danger of overheating the gadget in addition to the possibility that you could fire it or that your e-juice will leak. Vapes employ lithium batteries, which are a topic we’ll cover a lot in this piece. If the batteries overheat for an extended length of time, you risk burning your leg or the device catching fire. Although most devices feature overheating protection, this is an extremely rare event, but it’s best to be cautious than sorry.

#2 Don’t leave your device in direct sunlight!

When you are smoking on your patio in your garden, you will probably find yourself putting that device down on the table in between pulls. When you pick up the device a few minutes later, you find it to be noticeably hotter than usual. After taking a hit, you taste a lot of juice. This happens much too often for a lot of people, yet it is completely preventable! Leaving our devices in the light for prolonged periods of time can lead to a number of problems.

First off, the heat could change the consistency of the e-liquid in your VGod pod 4k 4000 puffs, which could cause your device to “spittle.” Your e-liquid may thin down or lose its flavour and consistency as a result (which we’ll talk about in our next point). Moreover, there’s a potential that your device’s battery could overheat.

#3 Keep your E-Juice stored away

Fundamentally, e-juice is just a well calibrated blend of various components to produce a specific amount of taste and nicotine. As a result, even when preserving our e-juice, it is crucial that we handle it carefully. This is particularly true in the summer, when excessive heat and sun can negatively impact e-liquid. It is best to maintain your liquid’s temperature below 37 degrees Celsius. Juice exposed to heat for an extended period of time may not overheat, but it may lose flavour and become discoloured, or its nicotine rating may decrease. The best place to store your e-juice is a dark, room.

#5 Do not leave your vape equipment in the car!

Nothing is worse than entering a scorching hot automobile on a bright day and having to endure the intense heat until the air conditioning eventually cools down. Imagine now leaving your e-liquid or vape in there for hours at a time! You are simultaneously endangering every piece of equipment you own by doing this. All of the things we have already covered in the aforementioned sections carry a far higher likelihood of occurring. Having your gadget in the car for nine hours is not something you want to happen if it overheats and causes any problems while you’re driving.

In the end, these recommendations work well together and can all be avoided in a similar way. Keep your equipment out of the way of water and away from heat sources and direct sunlight. We are here to help you find your next update and solve any problems you might be having with your devices!

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