Why is Steel the Most Popular Material for Stainless Steel Stampings?

Stainless steel is one of the most preferred and widely used materials for metal stamping due to its several unique qualities. Stainless steel can be found in several types including martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, austenitic ferritic stainless steel, and precipitation-hardened stainless steel. Generally, steel has certain unique characteristics that make it popular among the manufacturers of leading industries. Firstly, the steel is heat resistant as it contains large quantities of chromium and nickel to withstand heat stress. Secondly, stainless steel is beautiful and can be polished and cleaned to improve the finish and allow light to reflect so that it looks like a mirror. Since the stainless steel is cleaned and maintained quickly, it is healthy and sought after by the food and pharmaceutical industries. Again, for Stainless Steel Stampings manufacturers use different grades of the metal before developing the product as per the preferences of the clients.

Stainless steel is separated according to their grades including 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 series depending upon the percentage of mix of manganese, nickel, and other metals. If you are planning to source your metal stampings you must choose a reliable and professional Metal Stamping Company like TENRAL so that they can quickly understand your needs and suggest the most suitable metal for the stamping purpose.


Stainless Series

Some parts need more of a certain mineral mix when compared to others so that the correct design is produced and the same gets used in these areas by the principal industry. Due to this, there is demand for stainless steel with varying mineral content, and the same is given a serial number. Only experts in this area can identify the right kind of metal that can be used for stamping purposes.

If you browse the website of Metal stamping china you will find the uses of stainless steel series for specific stamping purposes. For instance, the 200 Series contains manganese instead of nickel and is a cheaper alternative to the 300 Series of steel. They have poor corrosion resistance and are used for specific parts only.

The other is the 300 Series of steel which is suitable for areas where you need corrosion resistance and tensile properties. In some cases, Molybdenum is added to enhance the strength and corrosion resistance. Again, the 400 Series steel is manganese-free and is also known as ferritic and martensitic stainless steel.

The 500 series is heat-resistant chrome alloy steel while the 600 Series is martensitic precipitation-hardened steel. You may get more information about stainless steel stamping parts if you contact them through their official site.


Varied Uses of Stainless Steel

No other metal can triumph over stainless steel when it comes to a wide range of applications for the industries. There are several sub-series to each of the above general series and only competent and highly skilled metal stamping manufacturer can understand the usage and suggest the same to the client.

Some stainless steel will react to heat treatment like the martensitic alloys and get hardened so they can be used when made soft with rapid or slow cooling. It is here the sub-series of stainless steel alloy is given so that they become suitable for certain specific applications.

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