Finding Original 5 CT Yellow Diamond is Now Easy; A Guide About Yellow Diamonds and Ways to Add them as Jewellery

A fancy yellow diamond that reflects a significant amount of light is now a demand. And as we all know diamonds are never worthless. Their value and their charm increases by every single second. A 5 ct yellow diamond is the best option if you are looking for a good investment.

Many people around us think that yellow diamonds are fake. Absolutely not! These diamonds are real with a mix of a little bit of saturation. The colour of a diamond is given by colour grading. But how to know if the diamond is REAL? We will discuss it over here. 

Yellow Diamonds According to GIA Scale:

GIAs D to Z colour grading scale shows the Yellow diamonds. According to this scale, faint, light and very light yellows are not the fancy diamonds but they are graded according to the GIA scale. 

The Yellows according to this scale are:

  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy Dark
  • Vivid
  • Fancy Deep
  • Fancy Intense

Many people think yellow is an impurity in diamonds. But the reality is that the yellow colour is given due to the presence of nitrogen. The less the nitrogen is, the faint the colour of a yellow diamond is.

These diamonds are considered elegant and due to warm tones, many people love wearing them.

Guide to Buy a Yellow Diamond:

There are only a few things that you need to remember when buying a yellow diamond or any other type of diamond:

Origin of Diamond:

Yellow diamonds are easily available all over the world but they are found the most in South Africa. We recommend buying lab generated diamonds rather than the natural ones. The reasons behind this is:

  • The lab generated diamonds can easily be traced back and you can check about their origin 
  • These diamonds are eco friendly 
  • They are less costly and have a great resale value

Shape and Cut of a Diamond:

A 5 ct yellow diamond is a big diamond. But you must always consider the shape and cut of the diamond. The clear cuts and edges make it appear bigger and perfect. Similarly the shape of diamond also matters that makes it look bigger or smaller.

Considering all the important factors including GIA certification, price comparison and resale value, you can always make the best purchase.

5 CT Yellow Diamond is Too Big for A Ring:

A 5 carat diamond is certainly big but a yellow diamond will cost less than red, blue and transparent ones. Holding a good resale value, a 5ct yellow diamond is the best option to go for.

If you are thinking that it would look too big, don’t worry as the shape of diamond can make it look good and sophisticated. 

A three stone or a fancy radiant cut diamond ring of 5 ct yellow colour will be the best option. They will look best on fingers whether they are long or short.

If you are still concerned about the size of the ring, you can always ask the experts about that. 

Best Shapes for a Yellow Diamond:

The best shapes for yellow diamonds are:

  • Pear
  • Round
  • Oval shape
  • Morquise
  • Cushion

If you want something else to look prominent and different, you can choose emerald or a heart shaped yellow diamond of 5 carats. 

We also recommend choosing the princess diamond if you want to pick up a pendant.

Light shade Diamonds and Dark Shade of Yellow Colour:

If you are interested to buy a very light or faint yellow colour Diamond, you can choose:

  • VS1 with a ratio between 1.11 to 1.63
  • VS2 with a ratio of almost 1.63
  • The other variations for lighter shades are SI1, VVS2, and SI1 with low ratios than 1

If you want a prominent yellow colour then you must choose diamonds like:

  • SI1 with ratio 1.3 to 1.6
  • SI2 ranging from ratios 1.3 to 1.5
  • VS1 from 1.4 to 1.6
  • VS2 from 1.3 to 1.5


Orangish yellow colour diamonds look more prominent and reflect more light. The recommend shades and types for such diamonds include:

  • VVS2 with ratio of 1.43
  • VS1 with ratio of 2.09
  • The yellow diamond VS1 with ratio 1.91

Keeping these ranges in mind you can find the perfect orangish yellow shade of a diamond.

Most people prefer darker shades that give a dark yellow or a brownish yellow shade. These diamonds are mostly included in VS1, VS2 and VSS2 categories. 


What to Consider when Picking up Right Colour Shade in Yellow Diamond 

As a 5 ct yellow diamond looks more prominent,  you must pick a shape and colour wisely. If you are choosing the one for a ring, go for lighter shades as many people love wearing lighter yellow diamonds that are nearly equal to transparent diamonds. 

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