“Facebook Relationship Status: Sharing It on Your Feed and Timeline”

Facebook serves as a digital platform for sharing life updates, including significant milestones such as changes in relationship status. If you’re eager to make your relationship status visible on your News Feed and Timeline for friends and followers to see, here’s a detailed guide on how to do so:

Access Your Profile

 Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to your profile by clicking on your name or  profile picture.

Update Relationship Status

Click on the “About” section on your profile.

Navigate to Relationship Status

Scroll down and look for the “Relationship” or “Family and Relationships” section.

Add or Edit Relationship Status

Click on “Add a relationship” or “Edit” next to your current status.

Choose Relationship Status

Select your relationship status from options like single, in a relationship, engaged, married, etc.

Add Partner’s Name (Optional)

If applicable, add your partner’s name from your friend list or by typing their name in the provided field.

Set Privacy Preferences

Click on the audience selector to choose who can see your relationship status: public, friends, specific friends, or custom settings.

Save Changes

Once you’ve selected your relationship status and adjusted the privacy settings, click “Save” to update your profile.

Displaying Relationship Status on Your News Feed and Timeline:

Post an Update

After updating your relationship status, consider posting an update on your Timeline or News Feed to share the news with your friends and followers.

Compose a Post

Click on the “What’s on your mind?” box at the top of your News Feed or Timeline to compose a post.

Share the News

Craft a post sharing your relationship status update. You can include a message, photos, or emojis to personalize your announcement.

Select Audience

Choose the audience for your post. It can be public, friends, or a custom selection, similar to your relationship status privacy settings.


Click on “Post” to publish your announcement. Your post will now appear on your News Feed and Timeline for the chosen audience to see.

Tips and Considerations:

Privacy Settings

Ensure that your relationship status and related posts are shared with the audience you’re comfortable with.

Respect Partner’s Privacy

Always respect your partner’s privacy preferences when sharing details about your relationship on a public platform.

Communicate with Your Partner

Discuss your intentions about sharing the relationship status update on your News Feed and Timeline with your partner. Mutual understanding is key.


Sharing your relationship status on Facebook’s News Feed and Timeline is a way to announce significant life updates and celebrate milestones with your friends and followers. By following these steps and considering privacy settings and mutual respect, you can make your relationship status visible on your social media platform while respecting personal boundaries and maintaining communication with your partner.


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