How to Clean a Fuzzy Carpet



Fluffy floor coverings like shag mats can be challenging to keep clean. Their long filaments will more often than not trap residue, soil, and trash effectively, making standard cleaning an unquestionable necessity. In any case, how could you move toward cleaning your fluffy rug? 


Could you at any point utilize a carpet cleaning and a vacuum or is a more profound cleaning fundamental? In this extreme aide, you’ll find out about the best techniques for how to clean a fluffy floor covering or shag carpet. This guide covers different cleaning strategies for fluffy mats, from speedy cleans with dry cleanser to more profound steam cleaning methods done on rare occasions. You’ll learn the best ways to keep your fluffy carpets perfect, invigorated, and liberated from residue, soil, and allergens.

How to Clean a Fuzzy or Shag Carpet

Use a Carpet Sweeper Frequently

One of the most mind-blowing ways of keeping a clean fluffy rug is with successive light cleanings. Utilize a rug sweeper consistently over your fluffy or shag floor covering – every day or a couple of times week by week functions admirably. Doing so will get all the residue, soil, pet hair, and other minor garbage that can slowly aggregate.


Drive the floor covering sweeper off the outer layer of the rug to lift and trap flotsam and jetsam inside the sweeper. Void the chamber on a case-by-case basis to keep the flotsam and jetsam from falling back onto the floor covering. This simple technique holds soil back from getting ground into the floor-covering filaments before your more profound intermittent cleaning.

Vacuum Properly Using the Upholstery Attachment

To clean the rug of residue and garbage, you’ll have to vacuum utilizing the right spout connections. You shouldn’t utilize the standard blender bar brush head that accompanies most vacuums on shag rugs. The brush and turning activity are excessively brutal and can harm the more extended strands. All things considered, utilize your vacuum’s upholstery connection head.


This has a smooth base surface and pull-just capacity ideal for these touchy fluffy floor coverings. Likewise, change your vacuum to the right level setting for an extravagant or shag cover. Gradually make covering passes across the whole carpet to eliminate all garbage caught inside the profound filaments. Clean the channel a while later.


Spot clean any dirty regions quickly with a sodden white vinegar and water arrangement applied with a perfect towel. Smear delicately and abstain from scouring. Flush with new water and smudge once more. This will assist with forestalling staining after some time.

Use Dry Carpet Shampoo or Cleaner

For a more profound yet less work serious cleaning for fluffy mats, utilizing a dry floor covering cleanser or cleaner is an incredible choice. Producers uniquely make these equations for use on shag and other rich floor coverings. They come as either a powder or splash fluid yet in the two structures you let the equation sit for some time prior to vacuuming up. As you vacuum, the fixings help lift and break down soil, residue, oils, and allergens from profound inside the thick floor covering strands.


To utilize, essentially apply an even layer of the laundry across the entire carpet. Allow it to absorb for the time recorded on the bundle, which is ordinarily 30 minutes up to a couple of hours. Then vacuum completely with covering passes. Utilize your upholstery connection and be certain the carpet is totally dry prior to strolling on it once more.

Try DIY Cleaning Recipes

There are additionally some Do-It-Yourself dry rug tidying choices you can stir up at home with fixings like baking pop and natural oils that work comparably well. Here is a straightforward recipe to attempt:


  • 4 cups baking pop 
  • 5 to 10 drops of rejuvenating oil (discretionary for fragrances like lavender, lemon, or tea tree oil)


  1. Blend the baking soft drink in with the oil so it assimilates equally. Utilize pretty much baking soft drinks contingent upon the size of your floor covering.
  2. Apply a light cleaning equitably across the whole surface of the fluffy carpet. Try to get into the holes and strands utilizing your fingers, brush, or a sifter.
  3. Permit the blend to sit for no less than 30 minutes prior to vacuuming. Short-term is great.
  4. Vacuum gradually utilizing your upholstery connection head. The baking soft drink will aerate, revive, and lift soil from the floor coverings as you vacuum.
  5. Spot-clean any excess stains later.


This reasonable cleaner helps lift soil without the cruel synthetic substances of most business items. Furthermore, it abandons a new, clean fragrance. Essentially respray whenever your shag mat requirements reviving.

Rent a Carpet Shampoo Machine

Each 6 to a year it’s smart to profoundly clean your high-traffic fluffy rug. Leasing a floor-covering cleanser machine from your nearby tool shop makes this interaction more straightforward. Or on the other hand, call an expert floor covering cleaning organization to steam clean for you.


With a rug cleanser machine, stir up the cleaning arrangement as per the machine’s headings, and fill the tank. Change the machine spout level setting to low or high extravagant before turning the unit on. Then work over little covering segments of the mat, applying even layers of the cleaner arrangement across the filaments.


Allow it to douse for 5-10 minutes before making a subsequent ignore each segment utilizing the pull capability to eliminate the overabundance of water and cleaning arrangement from your shag cover. Permit a few hours to dry totally before strolling on the floor covering once more. An appropriately profound cleaned rug ought to look newly cushioned with no tangled filaments or stains remaining. Go ahead and sprinkle some baking soft drink in the wake of drying for added freshening up too.

Know When to Call the Professionals

However, Do-It-Yourself cleaning arrangements might be fine for light cleaning, for more profound cleanings recruiting proficient floor-covering cleaners is much of the time best. They have business-grade hardware that can completely clean extravagant covers better compared to rental machines, moving toward the strands.


Their powerful heated water extraction frameworks can overwhelmingly purify the exceptionally base of thick shag rugs by washing away soils and extricating the water and cleaner as opposed to only the surface vacuum pull of home units. Experts likewise have modern fans and dehumidifiers to guarantee quick, complete drying to keep form or microorganisms from creating.


So for very filthy high-traffic shag mats or covers that haven’t been as expected cleaned in more than a year, utilizing proficient rug cleaners each 12 to year and a half is energetically suggested. They likewise can deal with any difficult floor covering stains and scents that Do-It-Yourself strategies can’t fix. Most expert rug cleaners proposition strong administrations like moving your furniture for simpler access.

Best Cleaning Solutions for Fuzzy Rugs

Picking the right sort of cleaning answer for your shag mat has a major effect on its security and viability. Here are the absolute best cleaner choices:


  • Fleece Safe Pet Stain and Smell Remover for any fleece floor coverings – delicate enough not to harm strands
  • Most enzymatic pet cleaners assist with taking out mishaps and smells Baking soft drinks add a freshening up impact
  • Non-poisonous regular cleaners made for delicates forestall the blurring of varieties
  • Continuously spot-test an unnoticeable region first before applying any cleaner to the whole floor covering Try not to utilize overabundance sums that immerse the mat sponsorship or pad under. Just apply to surface filaments for well-being and quicker drying time. Brutal blanch items can harm and yellow most covers over the long run.


Standard vacuuming is fundamental for fluffy floor coverings like shag mats to keep soil and allergens from aggregating profound inside the strands. Be that as it may, make certain to utilize the right connections and conform to legitimate level settings to lift flotsam and jetsam without harming the more extended extravagant heaps securely. Try not to turn brush heads.


Occasional utilization of dry floor carpet cleaning or Do-It-Yourself choices like baking soft drinks keep these mats new between more profound cleanings. Leasing cleanser machines or recruiting proficient floor covering cleaners consistently shoots away the most ground in soils for a careful renewal of your venture. With some intermittent attention, your fluffy floor covering will keep up with its a la mode and comfortable interest for a long time before requiring substitution.

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