“Unlocking Connectivity: A Comprehensive Guide to SIM Codes for Every Network in Pakistan”

In Pakistan, the telecommunications landscape is diverse, offering users a range of network providers catering to different preferences and needs. Each network operates with its own set of SIM codes, allowing users to access various services, check balances, and manage their accounts conveniently. Understanding these codes is fundamental for smooth navigation and effective utilization of services. Here’s an inclusive guide to the SIM codes for every major network in Pakistan.

Mobilink Jazz

  • Balance Check: Dial *111# or *444#.
  • Package Subscription: Dial *444# for various packages.
  • Internet Settings: Send ‘internet’ to 7342.

Telenor Pakistan

  • Balance Check: Dial *444# or 4441#.
  • Package Subscription: Dial *777#.
  • Internet Settings: Send ‘internet’ to 131.


  • Balance Check: Dial *124#.
  • Package Subscription: Dial *3# for voice bundles and *706# for data bundles.
  • Internet Settings: Send ‘internet’ to 222.


  • Balance Check: Dial *222#.
  • Package Subscription: Dial *310# for various bundles.
  • Internet Settings: Send ‘internet’ to 131.

Other Codes and Services

  • Balance Transfer: Most networks offer balance transfer services; dial *100# or check network-specific guidelines.
  • Check SIM Number: For all networks, dial *8888# or *1#.
  • SIM Lagao Offers: Each network has specific offers for dormant SIMs; dial network-specific codes or contact customer service.

Utilizing SIM Codes for Convenience

Understanding these SIM codes empowers users to manage their accounts, access services, and stay updated on balances and usage. Moreover, many networks offer additional services through these codes, such as subscribing to various packages, checking remaining data or minutes, and activating value-added services.

Importance of Knowing SIM Codes

  • Convenience: Users can perform various actions directly from their devices without visiting service centers.
  • Control: Helps users track usage, check balances, and activate/deactivate services at their convenience.
  • Efficiency: Saves time and effort by providing quick access to essential services.


Navigating the Pakistani telecommunications landscape becomes significantly easier when equipped with knowledge about SIM codes for different networks. These codes serve as gateways to a plethora of services, enabling users to manage their accounts, stay connected, and enjoy diverse packages effortlessly. By familiarizing oneself with these codes, users can harness the full potential of their network provider, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience in today’s connected world.


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