Tulum Mexico Real Estate: 6 Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

“Precautional steps to take in choosing the right vacation home real estate like Tulum Mexico real estate.”

With the rise of the news of the collapse of the housing market, a lot of people who already had plans on getting a vacation home quickly abandoned the idea. But with the recent report that home values are appreciating on a monthly basis, coupled with the median price increase that is close to 20%, anyone may quickly want to launch into the idea again.

Yet, it is not advisable to make use of the fact that there is stability in the market to drive you into making decisions to buy a vacation home. Meanwhile, if you want to get real estate, it is advisable to get advice from Tulum Mexico Real Estate professionals to guide you through the process.

Meanwhile, let’s look at the steps below to ensure that the vacation home you want to purchase is the right choice for you and that it won’t cause a severe problem in the end.

Steps To Choose the Right Vacation Home

Below are the steps to take in choosing the right Vacation Home to purchase

1. Choose the Location Carefully

Carefully choosing a location may sound like something that is obvious. Still, the primary reason for your careful selection is to be able to examine the reason why you want a second home. Knowing the exact purpose will define the direction and destination you are looking at for the purchase.

For instance, if the purpose of getting the vacation home is to serve the gathering of you and your loved ones to enjoy the house as a family. The vacation will be obviously needed in a place that all can quickly locate and that must be able to offer a variety of activities for different age groups.

Meanwhile, some purchasers may have plans to rent out the home to others. In this case, they will preferably choose an area where there will be many seasons of rental demand. Doing this will not stick you up to income alone, but for three months of the year, you will likely want to use the home personally.

However, the moment you are viewed as an investment property, there will be reasons for you to care more about the projected growth of the community. As you are considering the growth rates of the community, you will also need to consider the health of the local economy.

2. Rent Before You Purchase

Before you think of purchasing a vacation home, it is advisable first of all to rent a place instead. I’m not talking about renting hotel, but the actual house. This way, you can test-run the area Also ensure that you stay for one to 2 weeks.

However, you can try to visit in different seasons to understand the crowd patterns and the weather.

For instance, you might end up realizing that you don’t like the idea of booking a dinner reservation in advance, knowing fully well that you are there for relaxation.

Or if it’s a case whereby you plan to move home full time as some buyers do, because you may decide that a house outside of town might not be convenient or lonely, you might use this to determine the part of town you prefer.

3. Buy Below Your Budget

A lot of people go on vacation to rest and get away from memories of trouble. So, it is crucial not to purchase a house or property that is too expensive. Purchasing a home with too much to care for every month can eventually cause stress. So, it is essential to remember that a bigger house can be upgraded down the road.

4. Be Realistic About How Often You’ll Use It

One needs to be realistic in making assumptions about getting a vacation home and how often it will be required of you.

For instance

A family of five that comprises a husband, wife, and three children could decide to buy a vacation home near their house when they were young. And they make use of the vacation home all the time. However, it was discovered that as the kids were getting older, there was a gradual reduction in the number of times they visited the home. Their reduction in visiting the home emanated due to their various activities like weekend sports games, church, and school activities, leaving little or no time for the visit.

Obviously, this situation does not require you to purchase a vacation home but rather rent a vacation home with an owner in the area, or you make an agreement with an owner to use the home thrice a year.

5. Understand the Tax Implications

It is essential not to assume, based on your experience with your primary residence, that you are aware of the tax consequences of owning a property will look like. Tax for vacation or a second home can be a more complicated one.

It is advisable to note that when you rent out a property, you must ensure that you make payment of income taxes on that rental income that is being received.

You might discover that the vacation home property taxes may be higher than what you pay in your residential home.

It may be as a result that the tax rate in that vacation environment is relatively higher than what you pay where you live.

Meanwhile, most buyers are always on the positive side about the number of times their vacation home will be rented out. So, it is essential to discuss this with a real estate agent.

A professional and qualified real estate agent should be able to provide details of taxes in the area and also give you hints on how to save, like making purchases outside the city’s limits.

If you need a real estate agent, BuyPlaya is available at your beck and call to give e you the right hints on how to make the best purchase and save at the same time.

Our agents at BuyPlaya will ensure that you buy the right vacation home property that is accurate for your specific purpose without any problem.

We offer comprehensive Buy Broker Services for vacation investors and homebuyers from the United States and across the globe. We will ensure that the sale of the property is done in the right way without stress and waste of time.


You can find yourself in a situation where a family friend or a family member informs you of an opportunity to purchase a vacation home. No matter how sweet they sound, it is advisable not to be easily persuaded by such proposals.

Irrespective of how romantic the proposal may sound, you can never trust people to ensure whether proper homework has been done or if they have ulterior motives. You might discover that the romantic, exciting deal might not be a good one.

Remember to call Buyplaya today to show you the best deal and investment opportunities to Lock your money in.

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