Tips for choosing the right radiator

From convention to radiation, from storage radiator to inertia radiator , it is easy to get lost in the search for a new heating system. If you are considering purchasing a radiator, it is advisable to take your time and compare the different offers.

Finding the right heater or radiator will depend on a combination of factors. You must also consider the room where it will be installed, the thermal comfort, the heating time, the surface to be heated and of course the budget.

Electric convector radiators

This type of radiator heats the air directly using an electrical element. The heated air rises and is replaced by incoming cool air which, in turn, is then heated. Heat is distributed throughout the room by the movement of air in a process called convection. As a result, the air dries up a little. Additionally, the space will heat unevenly. You can visit plchmi.


Convector heaters are best suited to well-insulated hallways, as they heat up quickly. The ideal would be to choose a model equipped with a fan to guarantee very rapid heating. As convectors tend to dry out the air, it is recommended to use them with a humidifier to increase the humidity level in the room. These heaters are inexpensive to purchase, but they will not heat a room evenly.

Inertia radiators

These radiator models are the most economical option. Moreover, you can easily find a variety of inertia radiators on Atlantic. This French brand specializes in the design of thermal comfort solutions. The company has 10 industrial sites in France for the manufacture of its products. On its site, you can order an inertia radiator.

The energy produced by these radiators is stored in two ways: in a thermal fluid or by solid material. This energy is created via a heating element which is stored. Many modern inertia radiators consist of a radiating panel on the outside. The advantage of these devices is that they heat up quickly. Even though they are powered by electricity, they do not dry out the air and produce a sensation similar to central heating. A modern inertia radiator will usually be your most cost-effective option. They are also the best solution if you are installing electric heating in a new building or renovating your entire heating system . These models are recommended for the greatest thermal comfort.

Storage radiators

Storage heaters are made of heat-resistant material. They are so efficient at storing heat that the heat they collect overnight can be released throughout the following day without the heater having to use more energy. Storage radiators work on the same principle as more modern inertia radiators. You can also visit this plchmi.

They store heat which they distribute later. The difference is that storage heaters generally have a much larger storage capacity than the average inertia heater.

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