The Meaning Behind Pearl Jewellery: Everything You Need to Know

As a Cancer, I’ve been made to believe that my ruling sign is the Moon. I dug a wee bit into astrology and discovered that there’s no gemstone better for me than a pearl itself.


So before investing in a Diamond, getting swayed away by an Emerald, or admiring the dizzying mystique of a Sapphire stone, I got a $50 Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace and called it a day.


It’s not like I’m not materialistic. I can have all the bling I want, but the sublime shine of a pearl pulled me in. It’s strange how a gemstone can make you develop strong emotional connection with it.


If you’ve been wondering what is it about pearls that can change your life, keep reading.

The Nature’s Gemstone: What’s So Special About It?

Unlike all the brighter rocks, pearls are the only gemstones that are not taken away from mother earth’s lap. What happens behind the making of a pearl is much more fascinating.


Being the only gemstone created within a living being, pearls have everything a usual gemstone has to offer. The strength, the shine and the premiumness is all there.


Here are some of the reasons that make pearl jewellery is so sought-after.


Healing Abilites

Some cultures hail pearls for their healing powers. Pearls are commonly perceived to promote peace, balance emotions and enhance the wisdom of the heart of the wearer. Wearing pearls is believed to be a way to connect with the calming energy of the ocean.


Unique Lustre

The iridescence of pearls (called the Oriental), is a unique play of colours that adds to its appeal. This visual phenomenon occurs when light interacts with the Nacre layers, creating a spectrum of colours that dance across their smooth surface.


Symbol of wisdom

Talking about majority of ancient traditions, pearls are often associated with wisdom and understanding. They view their creative process, where an inspiration is transformed into a beautiful object, as a metaphor for personal growth and a journey of enlightenment.


Environmental Sustainability

An oyster may take up about 6 months to craft a pearl. But when it comes to the bigger ones, AKA the higher quality pearls, it may take upto to 4 years. (Well, that’s still lesser than a diamond that takes thousands of years to build, takes up vouble energy and manpower to dig it out of land.)


When done responsibly, cultured pearl farming can contribute to environmental sustainability. Healthy mollusc populations are essential to maintaining a balanced ecosystem, making pearl production a process that can potentially have a positive impact on the ecosystem when properly managed.


Social and Economic Impact

Pearl farming plays an important role in supporting the livelihoods of communities in coastal areas. The projects create employment opportunities, contribute to the economic prosperity of these communities, and create links between nature and human well-being.


Artistry & Design

Jewellery designers typically use pearls as focal points or to compliment other gemstones in their designs. Pearls jewellery, no matter ornate or simple is bound to draw eyes and look one-of-a-kind.


A Valuable Addition to the Family Heirloom

Pearls make excellent family heirlooms due of their everlasting quality. Many families treasure pearl jewellery as heirlooms, leaving a permanent legacy that carries on the memories and customs of the past.


Cultural Diversity

Pearls hold special meaning in many civilisations across the world. Pearls’ mystery and global appeal are enhanced by their cultural richness, which ranges from Japanese Akoya pearls to Tahitian pearls and freshwater pearls.


Symbol of Femininity and Fertility

Pearls represent fertility and feminine vitality in some cultures. Wearing pearls is said to improve a woman’s natural attractiveness and fertility by representing the caring and life-giving aspects connected with the sea.


Should You Buy Pearl Jewellery?


The answer is yes. If you believe in astrology, wearing some gemstones may not be very conducive to your zodiac. Fortunately pearls are benign gemstones that don’t incite your stars to cause any trouble in your life.


As a representative of sheer feminine energy, having pearl jewellery may also help you rediscover your divine self.


From a fashion perspective, they lend the typical old-money, Pinterest-aesthetic vibes to any outfit. For jewellery ideas, you can experiment with pearl necklaces, pearl rings, Gold Pearl Drop Earrings nz, or even bracelets.


If you talk about the investment, they do a great job. These hypoallergenic gemstones can be worn with Gold, Silver and Platinum.

And if you’re serious about getting a pearl engagement ring, you’re making the right decision.

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