Hubcaps Unlimited: The Evolution to WheelCovers.Com

Hubcaps Unlimited, a family-owned business that has remained at the forefront of the automotive industry for nearly 50 years, has evolved into what is now globally recognized as WheelCovers.Com. This article will delve into the journey of this remarkable company, its changing identity, and the myriad of products it offers. It will also highlight the people behind the brand and the world-class shopping experience it provides to its customers.

The Origins of Hubcaps Unlimited

Hubcaps Unlimited came into existence over four decades ago. The company started as a family venture with a basic premise of providing customers with high-quality hubcaps and wheel covers. From its humble beginnings in a three-car garage, the business steadily grew, owing to the family’s dedication and commitment.

The Advent of WheelCovers.Com

A significant turning point occurred in 2013 when Rick Dynek Jr. took over the business from his parents. He spearheaded the transition of Hubcaps Unlimited into WheelCovers.Com, indicating a shift towards a more modern and professional approach to online business. Rick Jr.’s vision was to create a website that was content-rich, easy to navigate, and secure, with the largest database of its kind in the world. Today, WheelCovers.Com continues to operate as a family-owned business under Rick Dynek Jr.’s leadership, standing as a testament to the success that a small family venture can achieve.

An Array of High-Quality Products

WheelCovers.Com boasts an extensive range of products, ensuring that every customer finds a suitable choice for their vehicle. From original wheel covers to custom variants, wheel skins, wheel simulators, and trim rings — the selection is vast.

Original Wheel Covers

Crafted to fit perfectly on the original factory rims, WheelCovers.Com offers a wide variety of original wheel covers. Each product, constructed from high-quality materials, ensures a look that enhances the vehicle’s appearance while being highly durable and resistant to rust and damage.

Custom Wheel Covers

For those looking for a unique touch, WheelCovers.Com offers custom wheel covers crafted to meet customers’ unique needs. These custom covers allow vehicle owners to add a touch of elegance, sportiness, or uniqueness to their cars, regardless of make or model.

Wheel Skins

WheelCovers.Com’s wheel skins are perfect for those who want to upgrade the look of their car without investing in new wheels. These skins are masterfully designed to fit snugly over the existing wheel, providing an entirely new look.

Wheel Simulators

With more than 44 years of expertise in the market, WheelCovers.Com is the go-to place for purchasing wheel simulators and wheel liners.

Trim Rings

Also known as beauty rings, trim rings from WheelCovers.Com add an extra flair of style to wheels. These rings are specifically designed to fit snugly around the outer edge of the vehicle’s wheel, enhancing its appearance with a polished and finished look.

The WheelCovers.Com Shopping Experience

WheelCovers.Com offers a user-friendly filter system on its website, which helps customers navigate its vast inventory efficiently. Whether you are looking for hubcaps, wheel covers, wheel skins, or trim rings, you can find the exact product you need.

The WheelCovers.Com Effect

WheelCovers.Com has made a significant impact on the automotive industry. With its extensive range of products, unmatched customer service, and commitment to quality, it has become the go-to destination for customers seeking top-quality hubcaps and wheel covers.

The Driving Force Behind WheelCovers.Com

The success of WheelCovers.Com is not just defined by its product offerings, but also by the dedicated team behind it. The company is led by Rick Dynek Jr., who has taken the legacy of his family business to new heights.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the WheelCovers.Com difference.

“I’ve been a customer of WheelCovers.Com for over a decade. Their product quality is second to none, and their customer service is unmatched.” – John D.

“I couldn’t be happier with my purchase from WheelCovers.Com. The wheel covers I bought perfectly matched my car’s style.” – Sarah P.

Contact Information

For more information or to browse their extensive product range, visit WheelCovers.Com’s official website. For customer inquiries, you can reach them at


WheelCovers.Com is a testament to the success and growth that stems from a small family business. It is a shining example of how dedication, hard work, and a customer-centric approach can create a leading brand in the industry. Whether you’re looking for hubcaps, wheel covers, wheel skins, wheel simulators, or trim rings, WheelCovers.Com is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.


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