Amazing Gifts to Surprise Your Dad On a Special Occasion

Buying gifts for men, especially dads, is always so difficult! It is always a struggle and that’s why we’ve been scouring the internet and racking our brains for the best gifts for a dad whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any special day. No matter if you’re buying a present that your kids can give him or you’re getting something for your own dad, getting any creative and thoughtful online gifts for father is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. Below we share the great and unique gift ideas that surely help you to make your dad feel super happy.

Digital Photo Frames

Men love these things! They’re a handy item and a hybrid tool, and they can pack loads of images into them. Fill his digital frame with a number of family and kid images, including shots of becoming a father or grandfather in particular. The uniqueness of this gift is that outwardly, he can focus on the gadget part, and internally, the images and memories in it will touch him deeply. You also buy dads day card along with a digital photo frame to make father’s day more special for your lovely dad.

Books for him

Surprise him with titles on his favorite artists, music style, or genres: biographies, tour pic collections, books on the genres he likes, and other music-related inscriptions can keep him busy for hours and remind him of your graciousness whenever he opens them up.

Writing Memories

Sit down with paper and pen with everyone in the family and ask them to write memories and experiences they spent with their father or grandfather. These things interact emotionally with shy men, but not so blatantly as to make them uncomfortable or cause them to leave. Those memories will show him that you value the love he gives to you and the children, and his role as father or grandfather.

Personalized Mug

Show your dad how much he means to you with a thoughtful gift that is as special and unique, just like him. A gift with a custom photo mug is the perfect gifts for father and he surely loves this gift idea. Just grab your favorite picture, or add a sweet note that will melt your dad’s heart, a quirky saying that will make him smile, his initials, a special date or something between making a nostalgic gift that you know he will love. Then share it online to a popular personalized mugs site to make a great gift. It would remind him of you every time he enjoys his favorite coffee or tea in it.

Kindle or Nook

If he’s not moved to reading books already, it’s a perfect time to introduce him to the joys of getting a portable bookstore. He would be focused on the convenience and fast downloads after you read a few ebooks. These devices carry hundreds of books, so you can bookmark pages or partially-read one book, so read another — then come back to the same place where you left off.

Photo Bookmarks

Create custom and sturdy bookmarks from family images fixed on a thin poster board and laminated. You also can print messages on them. It helps him to know that you are mindful of his book love and also you want to let him know what a wonderful father or grandfather he is.

Customized Mouse-pad

Your dad tends to spend most of his time on the computer. And you recently noticed that the mouse pad he uses is wearing out? So here comes the idea for your next gift! Find a website where you could put your own pictures and create a family photo-collage and turn it to a mouse pad with their help.

Dads can be hard to shop for as they never seem to want anything. Buying a great gift spreads holiday spirit a long way, particularly when it comes to your dad. We hope some of these ideas will give you a bit of encouragement to make a special day really special for the great man in your life.

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