How to Pitch a Guest Post (5 Tips for Success)?

Managing editors were responsible for organizing the content of traditional publications. However, when websites and digital marketing platforms emerged, digital editors replaced them. They are in charge of the site’s content review, editing, formatting, and publication.

Accepting guest-post writers’ submissions may be one of the most significant responsibilities of digital editors. They must ensure the website is populated with engaging material that appeals to the intended audience. This element sets the tone for a perfect guest blog pitch that you need to draft to get selected.

How to draft a pitch that won’t be quickly removed and classified as spam?

Well, this question has plagued several minds!

It’s getting more difficult to have your guest blog accepted every day.

Make sure your guest post pitch will be worth the editors’ time since they put in all the effort to comb through millions of ideas they get daily.

Follow these five steps to ensure that the editors of the website you want to submit to will accept your guest post proposal and provide you with the desired niche-relevant backlink for your website. Don’t be one of the 55% of guest bloggers who send unrelated pitches and disregard relevant topics just to get their pitch rejected.

5 Steps to Pitch Guest Posts Successfully

1. Identify The Blogs You Want to Target

Sending out pitches to as many businesses, multi-author content hubs, and individual bloggers as you can find could be tempting when you want to boost your traffic as soon as possible.

Identifying your target blogs properly is the first step toward a good guest post proposal. By doing this, you can prevent spending time on magazines that don’t align well with your writing style, subject matter, and target market.

Analyzing the sites, you follow and the stores you visit is a smart place to start. Members of your target audience likely enjoy the material that these organizations create. Additionally, you’ll be more inclined to submit your best work to the newspaper you’re writing for because you like writing for it.


2. Research Relevant Guest Post Content

After you’ve narrowed down the list of article submission websites to guest blog on, it’s important to conduct some research. This stage is crucial even if you believe you are familiar with your target blog.

Check the website to see if there is any information on guest blogging beforehand. If you want your proposal to be accepted by the blog you’re targeting, you might need to abide by their rules.

Next, read over their archives to see if there are any voids in their content that you might write for. The most effective pitches will provide the target site with something it cannot already provide, like your knowledge on a topic the blog’s readership is interested in.

3. Brainstorm Ideas

Hopefully, your efforts will be fruitful, and your target blog will reply to indicate that they are open to hearing your proposal. It’s time to conduct further study. Therefore, you’ll need to suggest some potential topics.

  • Choose topics that have high traffic potential to demonstrate your expertise and attract traffic to both your blog and the target blog.
  • Go for topics that align with your expertise and passions to showcase your skills and knowledge.
  • Provide unique insights, stories, or perspectives to offer something new and valuable to readers.
  • Check the target blog’s archives and posts to identify gaps or outdated content that you can add value to.
  • Resonate with the target blog’s audience and address their needs, interests, and challenges.


4. Summarize Your Idea

It would help if you prepared a brief synopsis for each of the topics you want to pitch after you’ve selected them.


  • The title or headline of the post
  • An optional but may be useful SEO keyword.
  • A suitable URL and “anchor text” Although it is optional, it is highly recommended to include as it will serve as the primary source of interest for the article.
  • An overview of the content that will be posted


5. Pitch Your Ideas

You may now submit your proposals to the intended blog for approval. To prevent confusion, make sure they are structured clearly.

Adding a brief note of appreciation to the individual who will be reading your pitch is also helpful. Being courteous and convenient to work with might increase your appeal as a guest poster.


You need a stellar guest post proposal to convince the author/publisher of the guest posting site to upload your blogs and articles. People don’t put much effort into pitching their articles, which leads to outright rejection from the other side. For a perfect pitch, you need first to identify the target blogs, research the audience, and relevant guest blogging websites extensively. Next, you need to make a list of topics that you can write on. All these topic ideas should add some value to the site and should fill in their content gaps. Lastly, summarize your idea in a proper format and click on the send button. Congratulations! By following these steps, you have increased your chances of getting your pitch accepted by 10x.


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