Discover the Circooter R3 and M2 Off-Road Electric Scooter

The Circooter R3 is a formidable competitor within the off-road electric scooters. This innovative two-wheeled wonder offers the ideal balance of speed, acceleration, and long-lasting stamina to reinvent your off-road adventures completely.

The R3’s twin 800W motors are its vital component, providing riders with remarkable acceleration and a thrilling top speed of 28 mph. The R3 guarantees an exciting ride every time, whether you’re tearing through off-road routes or scaling difficult terrain.

Enduring endurance Maximum Range: 21 to 25 Miles

The R3 not only gets you there at incredible speeds, but it also ensures lifelong adventures. With an off-road electric scooter maximum range of 21–25 miles (35–40 km) on a single charge, you can travel long distances without sacrificing power.

The R3 Off Road Electric Scooter’s features include:

  1. Sturdy Design for Off-Road Adventures: The R3’s construction prioritizes durability and can withstand the most difficult off-road circumstances. Because of its sturdy design, it is a dependable partner for the daring rider.
  2. Responsive Handling for Precision Control: The R3’s responsive handling makes it easy to maneuver through difficult terrain. Gain superior off-road riding experience with accurate control and maneuverability.
  3. Advanced Dual Motor System: The remarkable performance of the R3 is mostly attributed to its two 800W motors. Accelerate with confidence, knowing that the sophisticated motor system is designed to satisfy the demands of off-road enthusiasts.
  4. Extended Range for Uninterrupted Exploration: The R3 guarantees that your off-road excursions won’t be stopped thanks to its maximum range of 21–25 miles per charge. Discover a variety of environments and tackle uncharted territory without having to worry about running out of juice.
  5. Trendy and Sleek Design: The R3’s sleek and trendy design is captivating in addition to its performance. Riding an off-road scooter that combines style and power will make you stand out.

FAQs for the Circooter M2 Off-Road Electric Scooter

What drives the electric scooter Circooter M2 Off Road?

A 48V/12.5Ah regenerative lithium-ion battery powers the Circooter M2, utilizing 600Wh energy for effective and long-lasting operation.

How far can the Circooter M2 travel on a single charge?

With an amazing 25 miles of travel range on a single charge, the M2 lets riders explore a variety of terrain without worrying about running out of power.

How long does it take to charge the Circooter M2’s battery fully?

Charging durations may vary, but the M2 electric scooter’s battery generally may be charged fully within a few hours. For pricing information, consult the product documentation.

Can the Circooter M2’s battery be changed?

Although the M2’s battery is made to last a long time, new batteries are offered. Contact Circooter’s customer service to find out how to get a replacement battery.

Can I commute daily throughout the city using the Circooter M2?

Indeed. Due to its versatility, the M2 Off Road Electric Scooter can be used for everyday city transportation. It may be used on several types of terrain because of its long-range and effective construction.

Where to Get an Off-Road Electric Scooter Circooter R3:

The Circooter R3 invites you to venture into unknown territory, not just a scooter. Upgrade your off-road adventures with a car that embodies strength, durability, and style. For exhilarating journeys with the R3, visit, our official website.

With the Circooter R3, be ready to ride into a future where every off-road excursion is an exhilarating adventure.

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