Écrans Acoustiques: Harmonizing Workspaces with Sound Separation

In the symphony of office environments, where the cacophony of sounds can disrupt productivity, Écrans acoustiques emerge as the virtuoso conductors orchestrating harmony. This article delves into the realm of acoustic separations, exploring the multifaceted advantages and characteristics that define these sound-dividing solutions.

Écrans Acoustiques: An Overview

Écrans acoustiques, or acoustic screens, form an integral part of The Acoustics Company’s offerings. These high-quality solutions are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of workspaces and office environments. From portable desk dividers to freestanding office acoustic screens, the range encompasses a spectrum of styles and functionalities.

1. DeskTech – Portable Desk Divider


The DeskTech series presents a portable desk divider solution crafted from PET fiber recycled bottles, providing both functionality and sustainability. The Alpha variations in 12mm and 24mm offer flexibility in sound separation, ensuring an adaptable approach to diverse office setups.

2. Style 1 Acoustic Office Divider

Color Variants: Soft Blue

The Style 1 desk divider, adorned in Soft Blue, adds a touch of aesthetics to its sound-separating capabilities. With a foundation in recycled PET fiber, this acoustic office divider strikes a balance between visual appeal and acoustic efficiency.

3. Style 2 Acoustic Office Divider

Color Variants: Slate Gray

In Slate Gray, the Style 2 Acoustic Office Divider merges elegance with acoustic prowess. The Alpha base ensures a sustainable solution that effectively curbs noise-related challenges in office spaces.

4. Style 3 Acoustic Office Divider

Color Variants: Sage

The Style 3 Desk Divider in Sage introduces a natural element to sound separation. This variant, based on Alpha PET fiber, harmonizes functionality with a calming aesthetic, enhancing workspace tranquility.

Advantages of Acoustic Screens

Écrans acoustiques play a pivotal role in mitigating noise-related issues, extending beyond mere sound separation. The advantages encompass various essential functions:

1. Increased Absorption Volume

In open offices and commercial spaces, acoustic screens elevate absorption volume, creating an acoustic environment conducive to concentration and productivity.

2. Creation of Distinct Spaces

Acoustic screens contribute to the formation of new spaces and relaxation zones, disrupting sound and line of sight. This feature proves particularly valuable in settings like hotel lounges and restaurants.

3. Enhanced Privacy

The introduction of acoustic screens enhances privacy, fostering an environment where employees can focus without external disturbances.

4. Improved Communication Quality

In the era of remote work, acoustic screens play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of phone calls and video conferencing by reducing background noise.

5. Aesthetic Enhancement

Beyond functionality, Écrans acoustiques also add absorption and visual interest to hard surfaces such as glass and walls constructed from blocks or bricks.

6. Compliance with Social Distancing Rules

In the contemporary workplace, these screens contribute to the implementation of social distancing rules, ensuring a safe and compliant environment.

The Acoustic Wall Panels Connection

Écrans acoustiques find an extension in the Chameleon wall panels, often utilized as office acoustic screens through a hanging rail system. These panels, made from recycled plastic bottles, embody flexibility, easy installation, and low maintenance, aligning with The Acoustics Company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Main Characteristics of Acoustic Screens

Flexibility and Ease of Installation:

  • Écrans acoustiques offer a flexible and easy-to-install solution, adapting seamlessly as office dynamics evolve and change.

Alpha Print Range for Bespoke Designs:

  • The Alpha Print range introduces bespoke printed acoustic screens, allowing customization to meet precise design requirements.

Reverberation and Echo Reduction:

  • Designed with a focus on reducing reverberation and echo, these screens contribute to creating acoustically balanced workspaces.

Color Variety and Model Options:

  • The diverse palette includes 13 solid colors and 10 different models, allowing businesses to tailor acoustic solutions to their unique aesthetic preferences.

DIY Installation with Support:

  • The easy DIY installation process is complemented by online and telephone support, ensuring a hassle-free experience for businesses.

Fiber-Free, Robust, and Low-Maintenance:

  • Écrans acoustiques stand out as fiber-free, robust, and low-maintenance products, ensuring longevity and sustained acoustic performance.

Eco-Friendly Composition:

  • Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, these screens exemplify The Acoustics Company’s commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Conclusion: Écrans Acoustiques – Shaping Sonic Spaces

In the grand composition of contemporary workspaces, Écrans acoustiques emerge not merely as sound separators but as architects of sonic environments. The array of advantages, coupled with their aesthetic appeal and sustainable design, positions these acoustic screens as essential elements in shaping harmonious workspaces. As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of office dynamics, the resonance of Écrans acoustiques continues to echo—a testament to their transformative impact on the symphony of work and productivity.


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