Ways to Prepare for the CASPer Exam

The CASPer test, its logistics, and test preparation are the primary topics of this page. In the meanwhile, there are a few pointers to be aware of when examining the CASPer. I hope you may gain some knowledge or inspiration from this tutorial.

1. Describe the CASPer Exam.

The McMaster Medical School has developed an online program called the Computer-based Personal Characteristics Sampling Assessment. Researchers at McMaster University in Canada created the admissions tool known as CASPer (Computer-Based Evaluation for the Selection of Personal Characteristics), which measures traits including honesty, integrity, empathy, and compassion. You have access to CASPer study materials.

It can be used in addition to or in instead of a traditional medical school interview. The test’s designers argue that CASPer offers a reliable indicator of an applicant’s integrity, honesty, and connectedness and that more traditional methods of evaluating an applicant’s qualities are insufficient.

Act as though you work for an admissions agency for medical schools. The standard med school interview, which consists of two interviews—one with a professor and the other with a medical student—isn’t nearly as effective as the MMI. You may either gather a large number of people to train them in MMI administration, or invite applicants to take an exam that is supposedly almost as excellent as the MMI (although testing is, to put it simply, in limited supply).

2. The Operations of the CASPer Exam

Understanding the requirements and requirements for taking the CASPer exam is essential. You will gain an understanding of all the CASPer test prep logistics by reading the following sections.

How can I administer the CASPer exam?

You may use this website to participate in the CASPer test: https://takecasper.com/

What is the price to take the CASPer?

It is an easy decision to mandate that candidates take the exam. For applicants from the United States, the examination fee is $12 and is non-refundable. You will also need to pay an additional $12 for each medical school you send the results to.

What time is best to take the CASPer exam?

The CASPer exam is administered at least once each month. It is available for online take-take, however registration is required three days in advance of the test date.

What is the estimated duration for the CASPer scores to be sent to medical schools?

Your CASPer exam will be scored and delivered to the medical school you plan to attend in three weeks.

3. CASPer Test Preparation Guide

Students might benefit from these seven recommendations as they get ready for the CASPer exam. A thorough preparation may alleviate your stress, divide up your preparation work, and simplify your information.

1. Examine sample questions and professional answers.

Reading practice questions and professional responses will help you internalize the experience of dependable, effective responses because no one can predict what questions they will be asked on the final CASPer test.

Even if it’s quite unlikely that you’ll find the questions you’re looking for on the actual test, frameworks, patterns, attributes, and strategies for excellent solutions can support you. You’ll start to develop some procedures, attributes, patterns, and systems on your own. Keep in mind that learning the study’s questions and answers by heart is not the goal.

2. Use practice to time yourself

Learning in conditions similar to the actual test improves performance in all test scenarios. One of the most difficult things about the CASPer test is the limited time.

You’ll be able to answer more quickly to the exam itself and improve your ability to communicate your views through timed testing. Next, practice using real-world models, and make sure you get positive feedback on your performance. You have access to CASPer study materials.

3. Speak up

Your responses will stand out for the wrong reasons if you just answer the questions you believe the examiner needs to know. Many people who answer with what they believe to be the “correct” response may come across as unhelpful or inaccurate.

These replies are usually not real or poorly constructed since the emphasis is on showing a certain function rather than generating a reaction. It’s preferable to answer from your instincts, provide context for your feelings, and base your responses on your experiences and lessons learned.

4. Keep up with current events, arguments, and headlines.

Reading news articles to stay up to speed on current events is one of the first things you should do to start getting ready for CASPer training. Additionally, you should pay close attention to any news that are pertinent to your future profession, such as court rulings or patient processes.

Naturally, as CASPer is a mirror of your personality, take some time to consider the experiences you’ve had in the past and how they have aided in the development of non-cognitive skills like problem-solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork.

5. Make use of mind maps to see and comprehend

Making a mind map is an easy method to organize and naturally create your ideas without worrying about hierarchy. It facilitates mental organization and aids in visual interpretation. You may prepare for the CASPer exam by using your intellect. One of the best programs for making mind maps is EdrawMind, which may assist you with work organization and the creation of effective timelines that will pay off in the long term.

It may be used to formulate concepts and develop your answers to various situations. A mind map is a diagram that uses a non-linear graphical layout to depict terminology, concepts, ideas, and objects related to and arranged around a main thought or topic. This aids the user in developing an abstract context for the main idea.

6. Acquaint oneself with the format of the test.

You will feel more prepared for the exam if you know what to anticipate before you take it. Please be aware that you have 60–90 minutes to finish the 12 portions. After six installments, you will have an optional 10-minute break during which you can get up, stretch or use the loo.

Either a word-based scenario or a video-based scenario makes up each part. You are required to enter your responses in the text box you previously defined for each question. You are sent directly to the next section, which introduces a fresh situation, after the timer goes out.

7. Acquire knowledge of the evaluation criteria.

To ensure you know how to prepare for CASPer, let’s talk about some of the items CASPer test raters look for while evaluating your replies. The following criteria allow the evaluators to provide a mark to each response to a question:

Knowledge of Concepts

How many important concepts did you find in the question?


If you have responsibly and competently identified and addressed the primary pressing issue or issues.

Avoid Prejudice

You want to take into account several points of view and avoid giving a biased, one-sided response.

Moral Education

Your assessment will be based on how well you represent moral and ethical values and if you remain true to them in the face of adversity.

4. The Preparation Dos and Don’ts

You should be mindful of certain dos and don’ts when preparing for the CASPer Test, as these will be your quick cuts to a higher score.


Time yourself during practice – Learning under conditions that are similar to the actual test can help you succeed in any setting. One of the most worrisome things about the CASPer test is how short it is;

Make statements: A lot of individuals reply by stating what qualities they would like to convey or how they believe an outsider would understand their message, but relatively few specify the language they may use;

Breathe deeply and relax; nothing will ever go perfectly. You should be prepared to make a few blunders in some of your reactions.


Remember to be mindful of the small things. – Make sure the cap lock is off, refrain from using slang, and try your best to spell and grammar correctly;

Don’t just say you don’t know how to react when you leave the response blank. The assessors are aware of the difficulty of the CASPer exam, so please complete all the questions.

Avoid copying and pasting your responses straight from the study guides.

5. Final Words

This article claims that it helps with CASPer exam preparation. As is well known, the CASPer exam is crucial for US medical students. You won’t be able to stand out and receive a higher score to get into your desired medical school until you grasp a useful and effective technique.

Using mind maps is a useful tool for comprehending and retaining information using a variety of techniques. A feature-rich and user-friendly mind mapping tool is EdrawMind. With only a few clicks, you can make clear and comprehensive mind maps. The complex ideas might be reduced to a few pictures using mind mapping.


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