5 Ways to Tell Which Apple Watch You Have

The Apple Watch has become an integral part of many users’ lives, offering a range of features and functionalities to enhance daily activities and changing the healthcare.

With the release of several generations and models, it can sometimes be challenging to determine which specific Apple Watch you own. Whether you’re looking to sell your device, seeking compatibility information, or just satisfying your curiosity, this guide will help you identify your Apple Watch model.

1. Check the Model Number:

The quickest way to determine your Apple Watch model is by locating the model number. To find this, flip your watch over and look at the back. The model number is etched into the case. Note that the format might vary depending on the model. It also starts with “A” followed by four digits.

 2. Compare the Design:

Apple has introduced various design changes throughout the evolution of the Apple Watch. Consider the shape, size, and overall appearance of your device. For example, the original Apple Watch (Series 0) features a square design, while subsequent models have a more refined look with improved materials and finishes.

3. Identify the Series:

Apple Watch models are often associated with a specific Series number. The Series indicates the generation of the watch and the improvements made over previous versions. To find this information, navigate to the Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone and go to the “My Watch” tab. Under “General,” select “About” to find the “Model” and “Series” information.

4. Examine the Digital Crown and Side Button:

Apple often introduces subtle changes to the hardware elements of the Apple Watch. Inspect the Digital Crown and side button for any distinctive features. For example, the Series 4 and later models have a haptic feedback-enabled Digital Crown, providing a more tactile experience.

5. Review the Display:

The display size and shape can be a key indicator of your Apple Watch model. For instance, the Series 4 and later models boast a larger and more rounded display compared to earlier versions.


Identifying your Apple Watch model is essential for understanding its capabilities, compatibility with accessories, and potential resale value. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to confidently determine which Apple Watch you own. Whether you have the latest Series or a cherished older model, each iteration brings unique features and improvements to enhance your overall smartwatch experience.

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