Why Mediacom is the Best Internet Provider in the United States

Table of Contents:

  • Reasons Why Mediacom is Considered a Good Internet Provider
  1. Fast and Consistent Internet Speed
  2. Affordable
  3. Adequate Data Limits
  4. Security Software 
  5. Customer Service
  • Mediacom Internet Packages
  1. Mediacom Xtream 100
  2. Mediacom Xtream 300
  3. Mediacom Xtream 1 Gig
  • Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to have a fast and stable internet connection at home these days. This is because of how interconnected our lives are and almost everything from work, to learning and entertainment requires an internet connection these days. If your Google search results look something like ‘Best internet providers near me’, let us help you out!

Mediacom Internet is one of the most reliable and trusted internet providers based in the United States. Offering its services in over 20 states across the country, Mediacom offers fast and uninterrupted internet access to its users that allows them to work, play games, watch movies and TV shows, and virtually do any task online. 

In this article, let’s take a detailed look at why Mediacom Internet is one of the best options when it comes to internet connections and what are some of the internet packages Mediacom offers. 

Reasons Why Mediacom is Considered a Good Internet Provider

There are multiple reasons why people in general consider Mediacom as one of the best internet providers in the United States. Take a look at these reasons here:

Fast and Consistent Internet Speed

Mediacom Internet is known for providing fast and consistent internet speed to its users. Mediacom provides internet through coaxial cables, where the common internet speed ranges from 300 Mbps to 500 Mbps. However, Mediacom offers up to 1 Gbps internet speed with one of its internet packages!

Moreover, only providing high speed is not enough. The internet providers need to ensure the internet speeds are consistent without any interruptions. Mediacom offers consistent internet speeds without breakdowns. 


Mediacom’s internet packages start from just $24.99, making it one of the most affordable internet options on the market. It’s the best choice of internet for people who are looking for a reliable internet connection without compromising their strict monthly budget. 

Adequate Data Limits

Mediacom offers generous data limits to its users along with its internet packages. One of the internet packages has a limit of 3000 GB, which is almost impossible to exceed. This relieves Mediacom’s customers of worrying about exceeding their data limits and having to pay overage charges. 

Security Software 

Mediacom’s internet is very secure and protects your data online. Every internet package Mediacom offers includes a complimentary cybersecurity software Total Defense. This software encrypts your connections and ensures no malware or virus can breach your privacy and obtain your data. 

Customer Service

Mediacom Internet is not just known for its excellent internet speeds and high stability. It’s also known for having excellent customer service. The company has established multiple channels where its customers, as well as the general public, can contact its customer representatives. 

Apart from this, their customer service team also facilitates customers by providing installation services and swift repairs or replacement of equipment, if required. 

Mediacom Internet Packages

Mediacom Internet offers three internet packages. All of these packages have varying internet speeds, data caps, and prices. Take a look at them here:

Mediacom Xtream 100

Download Speed 100 Mbps
Upload Speed 10 Mbps
Data Limit 300 GBs
In-Home Wi-Fi Included
Security Software Included
Price $24.99 per month

Mediacom Xtream 300

Download Speed 300 Mbps
Upload Speed 20 Mbps
Data Limit 1500 GBs
In-Home Wi-Fi Included
Security Software Included
Price $44.99 per month


Mediacom Xtream 1 Gig

Download Speed 1 Gbps
Upload Speed 50 Mbps
Data Limit 3000 GBs
In-Home Wi-Fi Included
Security Software Included
Price $54.99 per month

Final Thoughts

Mediacom is considered one of the biggest internet providers in the United States and is considered one of the best because of multiple reasons, including fast internet, high stability, affordable prices, and more. If you planning on subscribing to its internet packages or have any questions, get in touch with its customer service team today!


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