AT&T and Mediacom Internet Comparison

Having fast and reliable internet at home is a priority for every homeowner these days. Previously, people used the internet for recreational purposes at home. This included streaming videos, playing online games on the phone, watching movies and TV shows, using social media, and more. With COVID lockdowns and the recent growth in the e-gaming sector, residential internet is also used for professional purposes, like remote work, e-gaming, and more.

If you’re looking for a trusted internet connection for your home, two of the most common names you may have heard are Mediacom Internet and AT&T Internet. In this article, let’s compare both AT&T and Mediacom’s internet, bundles, and features to help you decide which one suits your requirements better.

Mediacom vs AT&T: A Comparison

Type of Internet Connection

There are multiple types of internet connections and it depends on how the internet provider provides the internet. Some of these types include wired internet connections, like coaxial cable internet, fiber internet, and DSL internet, as well as wireless internet, like satellite internet.

Mediacom is a coaxial cable internet provider while AT&T provides fiber internet to its users. AT&T offers more speed since it’s provided through a network of fiber cables. However, it’s a bit expensive compared to Mediacom. Mediacom is more affordable, however, it can not match the internet speeds AT&T provides because it uses copper coaxial cable networks.


Both Mediacom and AT&T offer varying internet speeds with different internet packages. Mediacom’s starting internet package offers 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed and the most premium package offers 1 Gbps download and 50 Mbps upload speed.

AT&T, on the other hand, offers symmetrical internet speeds, which means that you get the same download and upload speeds. Its starting internet package offers 300 Mbps internet speeds and its premium internet packages offer up to an astounding 5 Gbps internet speed!


Mediacom is considered one of the most affordable internet options in the United States. Its starting internet package costs just $24.99 per month and offers up to 100 Mbps internet speed. AT&T is one of the fastest internet providers but its internet is a bit costlier as well. Its starting internet package offers 300 Mbps internet speed for $55 per month and the prices go up with higher speeds accordingly.

Data Limit

Data limits are a considerable factor when it comes to choosing an internet connection. Mediacom has data caps on its packages. For example, the initial Xtream Internet 100 package has a data cap of 300 GBs. As you go up in terms of internet speed and prices, the data caps go up as well. The maximum data limit Mediacom offers is 3000 GBs with the Xtream 1 Gig package.

AT&T does not impose any data restrictions on any of its internet packages. You can enjoy unlimited data without worrying about exceeding the limit or having to pay any overage charges.


Both Mediacom and AT&T are considered highly reliable internet connections that allow users to use the internet without any disruptions. This is because both Mediacom and AT&T have a strong and reliable coaxial and fiber cable network that transmits signals smoothly without any interruptions.


Mediacom and AT&T are two of the biggest internet service providers in the United States and both companies offer their services in multiple states. Mediacom is available in 22 States, with the most footprint in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Georgia.

AT&T is also available in 21 States across the country. Some of the states that have a huge customer base for AT&T Internet include California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, and Texas.

Final Thoughts

Both AT&T and Mediacom are excellent choices when it comes to fast and reliable internet. If you have further questions or need more details regarding any of their internet packages, prices, or more, feel free to reach out to their respective customer service teams.

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