Invest in Serbian Real Estate to Obtain Local Legal and Tax Residence

Explore the opportunity to obtain a European residence permit through real estate investment in Serbia. Benefit from Serbia’s rising real estate market, lowest tax rates in Europe, and the option to become a tax resident.

Would you like to obtain a European residence permit? The easiest way to do so is to invest in Serbian real estate. The local market is on the rise, so there are plenty of opportunities for lucrative investments! Serbia has the lowest tax rates in Europe, which explains why many people want to become its tax residents – and investment in real estate will give that possibility as well! Tax residence will require living in Serbia, but legal residence will not: some investors obtain it to choose another European country for living and get passive income by renting out their Serbian apartment. Choose the most suitable option for your needs!

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Obtaining a Residence Permit: Terms and Conditions

Serbian laws make it possible for foreigners to receive a local residence permit if they live in Serbia or have some vital or business interests in the country. And if you want to be a Serbian tax resident, you are required to spend at least 183 days a year in the country.

Owning real estate can qualify as “vital interests” in the country, and this way is very popular due to its affordability: there is no threshold set, so you can choose the least expensive offer in the real estate market to be eligible! Property prices start at 10,000 euros, so everyone can choose an offer that will be easy on their pocket.

The standard application procedure will take no less than a month, but it usually lasts for 8 weeks. You will need to make one or two visits to Serbia during this period, and you will be required to stay for about two weeks to complete all formalities. You will get an initial residence permit for 6 months, and each next one will be valid for one year.


You start by choosing a piece of real estate. We strongly recommend using the services of a licensed immigration agent who will help you choose the best opportunity from the listings verified on a daily basis and minimize the risks.

There are some fees and charges payable in addition to the real estate price (for example, the real estate agent’s commission that equals 3% of the transaction amount).

Any further steps are made with the help of the local lawyer who will need a limited power of attorney from you to make all checks, do the paperwork, and complete all procedures related to Serbian property acquisition.

Keep in mind that you will need to translate into Serbian and apostille the power of attorney issued outside Serbia. Use the services of professional certified translators in Serbia to avoid possible red tape issues.

When you apply for a temporary residence permit that is valid for 90 days (this is a long-term visa also known as the White Card), you will have to be personally present (for no more than 1 day, though).

The Serbian residence permit is stamped in the passport, and you will need to submit the following documents to obtain it:

  1. High-quality copy of your passport (there is no need to notarize it)
  2. Proof of subsistence (you can deposit 1,000 euros with a local bank (we will help you open a personal current account if you don’t have one) and get a bank certificate)
  3. Certificate of ownership that proves possession of the Serbian real estate (an extract from the real estate Cadastre of Serbia)
  4. 2 passport-sized photos
  5. Your CV in the Serbian language
  6. A Health and Social Security certificate (you get one from an insurance company in Serbia or elsewhere)

The application procedure for foreigners usually takes 2-3 days, including the interview. You submit the application portfolio and wait for about two weeks while the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is being completed. During this period of time, the investor’s passport will be kept in the Serbian police.

The requirements for investors seeking to obtain a legal/tax residence permit by buying real estate do not include any medical examination. 

You are not required to be personally present in Serbia to obtain a tax residence certificate as you can get it through your investment migration agent. It can be translated into another language and apostilled for you if you request to.

Cost of Serbian Residence Permit

If you want to save time and money, we strongly recommend engaging a trustworthy licensed agent who specializes in Serbian immigration. Here are the services you will obtain:

  1. Help with choosing and checking a property for investment
  2. Assistance with the completion of all required forms
  3. Setting up a personal account with a local bank
  4. Obtaining a White Card (registration at the local police department for 90 days)
  5. Having the documents registered by the Serbian Tax Office to confirm that the investor is a Serbian tax resident
  6. Having the documents translated into the Serbian language by certified translators (20 euros a page)
  7. Getting a stamp in the investor’s passport to certify that he or she has obtained a Serbian residence permit
  8. State fee payment for immigration registration in Serbia

The list of the above services is provided as a standard package, and you can order some additional services if you need to, like the support of an accountant who is allowed to work in Serbia or the consultancy of an official local tax representative. 

Interested in obtaining a Serbian residence permit? Please click on the above link to see the details of the step-by-step procedure or contact our expert to get all the assistance you need.

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