Which Text-to-Speech App is the Best for iPhone?

Today, the use of technological advances helps us live a life that is faster and easier compared with yesteryears. Text-to-speech app is one of the innovations that enable users to listen or hear what they have written. There are quite several choices and picking the best text to speech app for iPhone can be a hard task. The following section discusses some of the best products that compete in the market and showcases their distinct specifications, interoperability, as well as functionality.

  1. Speech Aid

Speech Aid is an upscale text-to-speech software devised for children and adults who stutter during regular speech and manage to type out words in the program instead. Just type your message, press “speak”!

Highly recommended by speech-language pathologists is a terrific and well-designed AAC tool for individuals with speech problems.

There are also pre-written sentences in the case of Speech Aid software which allow the user to plan the interaction and personalize it in advance. The Speech Aid app will empower children and adults with stuttering or speech aversion to have a digital voice irrespective of their physical condition or limitation. It has been seen that children and adults who stammer, slurred, or just do not wish to speak gain confidence, improved speech control, as well as able to put their thoughts into better sentences on their own rather than verbatim.

  1. NaturalReader

Due to its ease of use as well as efficiency, the NaturalReader is one of the most preferred programs by iPhone users. It is worth noting that this text to speech application boasts of one of the most natural-sounding voices which makes it seem like you are simply hearing someone speaking rather than listening to an artificial speech. It can handle different file formats such as PDF for easy understanding of information that originates from various sources.

Additionally, NaturalReader has a simple interface that can be grasped by anyone regardless of age or technology level. The product further gives the user the privilege to control the speed and tone of voice, which depends on individual choices. 

  1. Voice Dream Reader

Another notable text-to-speech app with outstanding features is Voice Dream Reader meant for iPhone users. best text to speech app for iphone It stands out in that it can read content from different sources such as eBooks, PDFs, and websites.k The unit is ideal for avid readers. It can be easily carried around, making it a convenient tool when reading on the move. In addition, Voice Dream Reader allows for cloud integration wherein users can import files from platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

It also enjoys many available voices making it enjoyable to listen with ease. It comes with extensive navigational features that allow a reader to speed up readings, move or even skip on paragraph, and hence easily access long documents. 

  1. iSpeech

Users looking for a free text-to-speech app that does not compromise on quality should consider iSpeech . This is an easy-to-use application that works seamlessly on iPhones among other devices making it popular with iPhone users. iSpeech can format various files such as PDF files, word documents, and web pages allowing conversion easy for all your desired contents.

iSpeech has both the free and paid versions where people can pay for more advanced tools but they can also rely on the basic functions of the free version that are more than enough for a satisfactory experience. The speech clarity and correct pronunciation make it a pleasure to listen. 


The choice of the best text-to-speech app for iPhone depends on each person’s taste and interests. Nevertheless, NaturalReader, Voice Dream Reader, iSpeech, and Speech Aid emerged as the best due to their capabilities, compatibility, and general performance.

Regardless of whether you prefer natural-sounding voices, wide compatibility, or extra features, those apps are bound to suit your taste. Select the text-to-speech application that will suit your needs and start enjoying the easiness that it will provide you with on your iPhone.

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