Unusual Trends in Sarees to Keep an Eye on

The saree, sometimes referred to as the “6 yards,” has long been a staple of Indian culture. However, the saree’s appeal is just increasing. You’ll be astounded by the range of possibilities available just by browsing through them online, from cloth to embroidery, designs to borders, blouses to drapes. Here are some possibilities if you’re puzzled about the many Indian women’s clothing trends and are unsure which one is best for you.

Silk Organza Saree Worn With A Belt

Silk sarees, commonly referred to as “Kora sarees,” are native to southern India and have an enduring appeal. Following the success of Organza Silk lehengas at Lakmé Fashion Week’s summer/resort 2019, these Indian designer sarees became quite trendy.

This saree would appear unique if you wear it with a metallic belt, which will also highlight your curves and give it a wonderful form. Wear very little jewelry so that the attention is drawn to the way your saree is draped. Choose flowing hair with floral themes to give your saree a new twist; stay away from bulky buns and sleek back hair.

Saree with Digital Printing and a Blouse with Long Sleeves

For ladies who wish to seem fashionable without sacrificing the classic saree style, digitally printed wholesale sarees are the ideal choice. They are a modern twist on the traditional saree pattern. Choose a full-sleeved shirt with an off-the-shoulder neckline to further break up the trends with this popular saree. Then, you could really make a statement with a choker necklace that steals the show. Following Satya Paul’s invention of the “garden saree” in the late 1920s, this saree rose to popularity. It is ideal for formal settings or noteworthy events when you want to show off your sense of style, including cocktail parties, soirees, or weddings.

Velvet monochrome saree paired with stunning jewelry

Are you preparing to turn heads at a cocktail party or a formal evening? There have been countless attempts with this cloth since then. The velvet monotone saree radiates pure elegance. It has sparse border embroidery and looks well with or without a belt for added flair. All you need, though, is contrasting jewelry that will turn heads if you want to make this contemporary saree even more unusual. You may experiment with your blouse’s style to make it stand out, depending on the environment you want to wear it in. Don’t forget to keep the entire ensemble indo-western.

Asymmetrical Hem Saree

As the name suggests, the asymmetrical hem saree provides the classic Indian saree a contemporary twist by infusing the entire garment with a hint of femininity. This saree frequently has a wavy hem that is commonly embellished with tiny lace, sequins, or even embroidery. You may anticipate bright designs on this saree because the fabric is primarily net. The modern woman who enjoys the traditional appearance but is constantly on the go is best suited for this kind of saree. To fit any style, the saree is available in a variety of patterns, styles, and prints. You’re ready to turn heads as long as you drape it correctly!

Leheriya Saree With a Blouse Embroidered

The Hindi word “wave” is where the name Leheria originates. Leheriya was a style that was only associated with the Marwari people in Rajasthan for a very long period. Another amazing option to give the traditional saree a modern twist is to wear a Leheriya saree with an embroidered top. Are you looking to buy leheriya saree wholesale, then you can check out top stores online. If you want to style this saree differently, drape it with a matching shawl at the side and royal-looking Indian ornaments. What else? Really nothing; just go forward and let this unusual style get all the attention it merits.

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