7 Easy Ways to Clean Concrete at Your Home

Taking care of your home is one of those never-ending tasks that always require attention, even when you think you’ve covered everything. From getting rid of dust inside of your home to plucking out weeds on the outside of it, there is a lot to deal with. 

One such aspect that cannot be overlooked is concrete maintenance. Your patio, driveway, and sidewalk must also be taken care of and properly cleaned to ensure that your home looks nice and neat. 

That is why we’ve dedicated this article to providing you with tips and tricks on cleaning the concrete around your home. We’ll explore different cleaning options and discuss maintenance advice so you know how to keep your concrete looking fresh for years to come. 

Learning to Clean Concrete The Right Way

Cleaning concrete isn’t rocket science; however, there are certain measures you must take to ensure that the concrete around your home is properly cleaned. The following list showcases some of the more prominent ways to adequately clean and maintain concrete: 

  1. Pressure Washing: This is a great way to clean concrete efficiently and fast. All you need is a water-pressure nozzle and a solution of your choice It must be noted that choosing a non-suitable nozzle can result in damaged concrete. Hiring a professional crew to complete the job is advisable so keep this in mind when looking for a pressure washing company in Portland
  2. Using Detergent & Soap: If you need to clean the concrete around your home on a more frequent basis, using soap water and detergent will do the trick just fine. You need a stiff brush to scrub the concrete thoroughly and then rinse with water well. 
  3. Using Vinegar & Baking Soda: Vinegar is actually pretty useful when cleaning concrete. Given its acidic composure, vinegar makes for a great cleaning product. You should mix it with water and spray it on the concrete. Afterward, you want to rinse with water and apply and scrub the concrete baking soda for an even better result. 
  4. Oxygen Bleach: Oxygen bleach is effective against stains, mold, and mildew. Combine it with water, apply the mixture to the concrete, and let it sit. After a short while, scrub the concrete thoroughly, then rinse with water. Repeat these steps a few times for optimal results.
  5. Degreaser: A decrease is typically used to remove any oil or grease stains from concrete. The product must be applied to the concrete and sit for a while. Afterward, you must scrub the concrete well with a brush or broom and lastly rinse with water. 
  6. Commercial Concrete Cleaners: There are certain products available that are specifically made for concrete cleaning. However, it must be noted that following the instructions is important as you don’t want to damage your concrete. Before applying the product, test it in a small area to test its effectiveness. 
  7. Citrus-Based Cleaners: Citrus-based cleaners are great and provide an eco-friendly solution. They are used similarly to how other cleaning products are. You must apply the cleaner to the concrete and let it sit for a while. Afterwards, scrub the concrete thoroughly and make sure to rinse with water well. 

Additional Aspects Of Concrete Cleaning

On top of cleaning your concrete, there are other areas you should be paying attention to as well. The following list showcases a few aspects of concrete maintenance you cannot overlook: 

  • Sealing: Sealing your concrete ensures that it’s protected against water, oil, and other substances. You must apply a concrete sealer to your concrete at least every one to three years to make sure that any potential damages are alleviated. 
  • Crack Repair: This is also really important as repairing cracks in your concrete right away alleviates the potential for further damage in the near future. Repairing cracks prevents water from the soil beneath the concrete to the surface and protects against frost damage.  
  • Deicing Chemicals: Avoid using deicing chemicals that contain ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate since they can harm your concrete surfaces. Opt for safer alternatives such as calcium magnesium acetate or sand instead. This helps protect your concrete while still addressing icy conditions.
  • Weeds: Make sure to pluck out any weeds that grow out from the concrete and apply products that prevent weed growth. Weeds can damage concrete by weakening its structure and loosening it. 

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, maintaining the concrete around your home is an essential part of caring for your property. From simple cleaning routines to more intricate measures, ensuring the longevity of your patio, driveway, and sidewalk contributes to a neat and welcoming home. 

Exploring different cleaning techniques, such as pressure washing and utilizing common household items like vinegar and baking soda, offers effective solutions tailored to diverse needs. 

Remembering to seal your concrete periodically, promptly repair cracks, and choose the right deicing chemicals are additional aspects of concrete care that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

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