Why Cannabis Businesses Should Use Pop Top Containers

The cannabis industry has seen a substantial rise in popularity over recent years. Nowadays, products that include cannabis elements have been adopted in other industries as well. Put simply, business is booming.


However, we must not get lost in the big picture but rather remind ourselves that all of this is possible due to one crucial component, the cannabis plant itself. Cannabis products require special care and treatment to prolong and increase their quality. To achieve this, packaging is crucial and might be what makes or breaks your product.


In this article, we’re going to talk about pop top containers and their importance in keeping cannabis both fresh and potent. We’ll discuss the benefits of using such containers as well as highlight their role in increasing your brand awareness and overall success.

Understanding Pop Top Containers


At first glance, pop top containers are as simple as they can be. However, when it comes to cannabis storage, such containers are very useful and efficient. The benefits associated with pop top containers are vast and highlight many important factors related to cannabis packaging.


These elements are crucial and must be taken into consideration by all businesses operating within the cannabis industry in an attempt to better their packaging and ensure premium quality to their customers. Using RDX pop top containers will definitely increase your packaging game and assure your customer base of your honest effort to provide them with only the best.


The following list showcases some of the more prominent cannabis related benefits associated with pop top containers:


  • Child Safe: It is well known that children have a tendency to touch things they’re not supposed to. Pop top containers provide a very solid seal and abide by certain rules set in place that specifically state that cannabis products must be packaged in a way that makes it difficult for children to open them. Their push and turn mechanism makes them harder to open while also keeping the product fresh.
  • Aroma: The scent of cannabis can be strong and not so pleasant for people who don’t smoke. Using pop top containers can significantly help in alleviating this issue. By preserving the scent of cannabis, pop top containers also ensure that the concealed cannabis remains fresh and protects it from external factors such as air or moisture.
  • Temperature: Cannabis must be stored at a specific temperature or it will otherwise not be of great quality. Certain pop top containers come with insulating properties that help regulate internal temperatures. This is advantageous for cannabis products that may be sensitive to temperature variations. Such a stabilising feature will definitely make a difference in the long run.
  • Eco-Friendly: Many pop top containers are made from recyclable materials and can be used for long periods of time, thereby reducing the need to purchase new containers. Cannabis businesses can encourage customers to reuse containers instead of buying new ones, creating a culture of sustainability.
  • Tamper proof: Pop top containers typically feature tamper-evident elements such as shrink bands or seals, providing consumers with the confidence that the product they are buying has not been opened or tampered with previously.
  • Portability: Pop top containers are very portable and convenient to carry around. Additionally, carrying them is a more delightful experience than lugging around plastic bags, assuring that the cannabis they hold stays perfectly stored.
  • Adaptability: Customers have various preferences when it comes to the products they want. That’s why being adaptable is necessary, even for businesses operating in the cannabis industry. Pop top containers come in helpful as they’re available in various shapes and sizes, allowing businesses to diversify their packaging options.
  • Branding: Even though they are small, pop top containers have enough room for labels and stickers, allowing businesses to market their brand and most popular strains. In addition to branding, this space can also be used to display important information related to details about the strain, dosage, and more.

Key Takeaways


In conclusion, as the cannabis industry thrives, it’s crucial to remember the backbone of this success—the cannabis plant. Pop top containers play a vital role in preserving the quality of cannabis products. Despite their simplicity, these containers offer numerous benefits, from child safety and aroma preservation to eco-friendly practices.


Furthermore, pop top containers are versatile and can be used for different cannabis products like pre-rolls, edibles, and flowers. This adaptability makes them a practical choice for businesses, streamlining inventory management and meeting diverse consumer preferences.


For cannabis businesses, adopting the usage of pop top containers signifies a commitment to quality. These containers go beyond functionality, addressing tamper-proofing, portability, adaptability, and providing space for branding. Choosing pop top containers aligns with industry values of innovation, safety, and sustainability, ensuring professionalism and customer satisfaction.

All in all, the benefits that come with using pop top containers cannot be denied or overlooked. The sooner you adopt the usage of such containers in your packaging solutions the faster you will notice a difference for the better.

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