Facts About Commercial Water Damage from The Experts

Facts About Commercial Water Damage from The Experts

Recently, US restoration company Flood Pros USA announced their new range of commercial damage remediation services, and to celebrate their new endeavours, we’ve put together a list of facts about water damage to help you be aware the next time you need mold & water removal services.


Roof Leaks Cause Immense Damage

Just a tiny roof leak can cause major damage to commercial buildings. Even if your roof is in great condition, the leak can grow and cause further damage with storms, winds, compounding damage or freezing temperatures so don’t ignore the little things. In addition to the damage caused, if you ignore the issues, your insurance company may not cover the costs that come with regular wear and tear that can be fixed with correct maintenance. 


There Are Different Types of Water Contamination

White water, grey water and black water are the three common types of water contamination classes. The type of water contamination will need differing levels of cleanup and sanitation, and this can be why costs differ based on the type of contamination present.  


Work Fast & Save More

The sooner you call the restoration experts, the sooner the issue will be handled. The reason for this is that water causes compounding damage the longer it is left untreated. If you want to get your workplace back to its usual order, you should get the water dried out as soon as possible, before structural damage occurs. 


Different Materials Mean Different Cleaning

Depending on your commercial property, the materials it’s made of will determine the type of restoration that occurs. Materials like concrete and marble can be salvaged, whereas other materials like insulation and carpet will need to be discarded and replaced. Being aware of this can help you understand the process the experts take.


Mold Grows Fast

Once water damage has occurred mold is probably the next thing to happen. It can take just 24 hours to develop and to mitigate it, your space should be dry and free of moisture and standing water. In the event of mold, most water remediation companies offer additional or bundle services to handle everything at once, so you can relax knowing your workplace is free of mold and mildew. This will also help you keep your workers safe, as mold is known to be harmful to human health. 


If your commercial property suffers from water damage, it’s imperative you get help now and contact Flood Pros USA for a timely restoration.


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