The Robust PDF Locker for Applying Open Password

Sometimes, you may need to send personal or professional PDFs to your family or team members. However, you don’t want to compromise the privacy of your PDF content during the sharing process. In such cases, you can simply apply the open password-protect PDF feature to only let those with passwords access the PDF content.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best PDF password protectors in recent times. With the help of these tools, you can easily protect your PDF documents using open passwords.

Part 1: What is the Open Password of PDF?

An open password is a security code that is used to restrict the access of unknown personnel to your PDF document. With the application of the open password-protect PDF feature, you can stop information leaking from the PDF content.

Anyone trying to open the PDF without your consent will be prompted to add a password to do so. Additionally, the open password is handy for sharing PDFs with personal content. Even if the PDF gets shared with an unknown person, your open password will limit access to the content of the PDF.

Part 2: How to Protect PDF With an Open Password?

If you want to add an open-protect password to PDF documents, UPDF provides the easiest way to perform this function. You can even set the encryption level such as 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES, and 256-bit AES with the help of this PDF tool to add an extra layer of security to your PDF files. Let’s analyze how you can apply an open password to your PDFs with the help of UPDF.

Step 1: Access Encrypt with Password Window

First and foremost, upload the personal PDF you want to protect with an open password to UPDF. Click the “Protect Using Password” icon present on the right toolbar on your screen to access the “Encrypt with Password” pop-up window.

Step 2: Apply Open Protect Password to Your PDF

Afterward, choose the “Document Open” feature to reach the password settings. Here, you will see the document open and permissions tabs. Now, type the new PDF open password two times to add it to your PDF file consisting of the sensitive information.

Step 3: Add Encryption Level and Save the Password

Now, you can also click on the “More Options” dropdown icon and then select the desired “Encryption Level” settings to add this security layer to your PDF. Finally, hit the “Apply” button to add this open protect password to your PDF.

In addition to this open password protection, users can also add permission passwords to their PDFs. By doing so, they can restrict the printing and editing of PDFs even if others open that file. You can also use the “Batch Encrypt” feature to protect multiple PDF files with the help of this efficient tool.

Part 3: The Benefits of Protecting PDF with Open-Password

Once you have protected your PDF with an open password, only the personnel with the password can access these documents. By doing so, you can preserve the confidentiality of the PDF content if it contains sensitive information. Additionally, these open passwords allow the users to protect the integrity of the data by preventing unauthorized changes to the content.

Moreover, you can also reduce the consequences of unintended file sharing with the help of this feature. If you have shared your PDF with someone by mistake, this open password protection will restrict that person from accessing PDF content.

Part 4: Top 3 Open-Password Protect PDF Tools in 2023

After going through the previous sections, you must have realized the importance of protecting PDFs with an open password. Now, it is time to go through the top 3 open password-protected PDF tools in the market to make the choice of the best one easier for you. After comparing the features of all of these PDF management tools, you will be able to make an informed decision.


As discussed above, UPDF is one of the best tools to help you open password-protected PDFs for additional security. Moreover, you can also customize the editing and printing permissions to limit others from plagiarizing your content. However, with its enhanced and optimized features, this multi-dimensional PDF manager is much more than a mere PDF password protector.

UPDF is a one-stop shop PDF editor, allowing you to tackle any PDF-related issue with ease. Whether you want to edit the PDF content or convert PDFs to other file formats, it can help you do so seamlessly. Other than applying open-protect passwords to your documents, UPDF provides you with, but is not limited to, the following features.


Key Features:

  • OCR Convert PDF: Users can take advantage of this PDF editor to recognize and extract text from scanned PDFs. All you need is to access the OCR conversion feature of this tool to get an editable copy of your scanned documents and images.
  • Edit PDF to Add Personal Touch: Anyone can use UPDF to add and remove content from their PDF files. Using this efficient PDF editor, you can play around with the text, images, and links present in the PDF.
  • Annotate PDF for Revisions: UPDF also allows you to highlight and underline content to make it easy to go through the text during the revisions. This feature is helpful for students and professionals, as they can also add comments to the content for reviewing PDFs.
  • UPDF AI Features: You can also take advantage of the AI-integrated system of this tool to enhance the understanding of the PDF content. All you need to do is use AI to summarize, translate, rewrite, or explain PDF content for your ease.
  • Convert PDFs to Any Format: With this efficient PDF converter, you can easily convert PDFs to any desired file format. Users can even make use of the batch convert feature to change the file format of multiple PDFs at a time.

2. iLovePDF

iLovePDF provides you with one of the easiest ways to apply passwords to your PDF files. All you have to do is access the “Protect PDF” tool in the “PDF Security” section to preserve your privacy. After simply uploading your documents, you can write any password to limit the access of unknown people to your content. In this way, your PDF data will only be accessible to the people you want.


Key Features

  • Users have the option to apply the same password to multiple files at a time. All you have to do is click on the “Plus” icon to add as many files as you want before setting open the protected password.
  • You can also merge or split the PDF before applying the password. By doing so, you can optimize the organization of your file before limiting access to others.
  • iLovePDF also allows you to unlock password-protected PDFs to access the limited content for research purposes.


  • The tool sometimes takes a long time to upload large PDFs due to its slow processing speed.
  • The PDF open password protect feature lacks the option to limit the editing and printing of the PDF file. With this tool, you cannot apply passwords to restrict PDF viewers from copying PDF content.

3. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most advanced open password-protect PDF tools with a variety of options to add security to your files. You can apply a password to restrict others from viewing your PDF content using this security tool. All you need to do is access the “Protect” feature from the “Protect & Standardize” section to add this extra layer of protection to your PDF files.


Key Features

  • Users can access the advanced settings to limit the editing and printing of the document. You have the option to allow others to only view the PDF content without giving them permission to copy the content of the document.
  • Adobe Acrobat also lets you find hidden information, such as metadata, in the PDF document. Afterward, you can remove this information from the document to maintain the privacy of such sensitive information.
  • You can even change the printing settings with the help of this “Protect” feature. It allows you to limit the users to only print PDFs in low or high resolutions.


  • Irrespective of its multi-functionality, Adobe Acrobat is too expensive for personal use.
  • The user interface of this PDF protector is a bit complicated, requiring a learning curve for proper utilization of this feature.


Now that you know the importance of this feature, you should choose to add an open-protect password to your PDFs for extra security. All of the tools mentioned in this article are good enough to apply passwords to your PDF documents.

However, with its multi-dimensional password protection options, UPDF should be your preferred PDF editor to add passwords to your files. Download UPDF now to try all of its PDF editing and password protection features by yourself. If these features convince you about the utility of UPDF, purchase this tool now to take advantage of a 63% time-limited discount.

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