Large Volume Electrolysis vs Large Volume Laser Hair Removal

Large Volume Electrolysis vs Large Volume Laser Hair Removal

In the ever-evolving world of hair removal, people looking for permanent hair removal solutions often find themselves navigating through various options. Two popular contenders in the realm of long-term hair removal are Large Volume Electrolysis (LVE) and Large Volume Laser Hair Removal (LVLHR).

Large volume hair removal is a protocol proposed by clinics that offer various hair removal services. Basically, a large volume hair removal treatment consists of two or more treatments at once. When talking about electrolysis hair removal, a Large Volume Electrolysis treatment is a treatment performed by two or more electrologists at the same time. This type of treatment usually comes with pain management including Lidocaine Injections, Oral Sedation, IV Hydration, Intravenous IV Deep Sedation, and others. Large volume laser hair removal is similar, but still different. A large volume laser hair removal could mean a package of sessions.


Understanding Electrolysis hair removal

Large Volume Electrolysis is a method that employs electrolysis to target and eliminate individual hair follicles. Electrolysis uses an electric current to create a chemical reaction that damages the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth. Known for its precision, LVE is commonly used for smaller treatment areas such as the face, eyebrows, and upper lip.


Advantages of Large Volume Electrolysis:

  • Precision: LVE allows for precise targeting of individual hair follicles, making it ideal for smaller treatment areas.
  • Permanent Results: Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal solution, providing lasting results.


Challenges of Large Volume Electrolysis:

  • Time-Consuming: LVE can be time-consuming, especially for larger treatment areas, as each hair follicle requires individual attention.
  • Discomfort: Some individuals may experience discomfort during the procedure due to the insertion of a fine probe into each hair follicle.


Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Large Volume Laser Hair Removal, or LVLHR, utilizes advanced laser technology to target and eliminate hair follicles. This method is recognized for its speed and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for larger treatment areas such as the legs, back, and chest.


Advantages of Large Volume Laser Hair Removal:

  • Speed: LVLHR is a faster process compared to electrolysis as it can target multiple hair follicles simultaneously.
  • Versatility: LVLHR is versatile and can be applied to various body parts, making it suitable for both small and large treatment areas.


Challenges of Large Volume Laser Hair Removal:

  • Multiple Sessions Required: While LVLHR offers efficient results, multiple sessions are typically needed to achieve optimal hair reduction. 
  • Not Suitable for All Skin Types: Certain skin types and hair colors may not respond as effectively to LVLHR, necessitating consideration of individual factors before choosing this method.


In conclusion, we would say that large volume electrolysis is more widely used as a term than large volume laser hair removal because laser hair removal  has been on the market for a while and there are already different types of services and packages available. Electrolysis is a new hair removal method and of course the term of large volume electrolysis is also new. Areas treated with Large Volume Electrolysis are face, body, breast and genital areas. Electrolysis is a very slow process and if a patient wants to speed it up they have this large volume electrolysis option available.

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