A moment of deep healing for the delicate emotions of the pat

the woman’s heart, the journey into the deep world

A woman’s heart is like an epic poem. There are countless stories, emotions, and minor changes in it. The 토닥이스튜디오 is a space created to truly understand the world of such women. Here, we have prepared various therapy programs to capture the meticulous and deep emotions of women.

Your own healing space: 토닥이스튜디오

Designed to be all female, it consists of a dedicated program for women’s minds and bodies.

Cosmetic Therapy: the process of discovering hidden beauty. Emphasizing natural beauty with the hands of experts, we find your own style.

Aromatherapy: Time to find balance between body and mind with selected aroma oils. It relieves stress and restores the vitality of the body and mind with the healing power of fragrance.

Psychological counseling: Share women’s unique problems or concerns with counselors to find solutions.

Do you want a deeper healing?

Todak Studio offers personalized therapy in consideration of your emotions, physical condition, and current situation. Start with the Todak Studio, a journey for your deep inner self.

Reservations and detailed consultations are available on the website or by phone. The 토닥이 스튜디오 seeks to improve women’s quality of life and small happiness within it. I value every moment of women and will faithfully fulfill my role as a healing partner walking with you.

Women’s Healing: A Sweet Shelter for Women’s Dreams and Happiness

A delicate emotional stage that shakes the heart of a woman among the stars

Women’s hearts sparkle like stars in the middle of the night, and the light is made up of countless stories and emotions. The Women’s Healing Studio under the Starlight is a space established to make the twinkle of those stars shine even more. Here, we offer a variety of programs that can touch the depths of women’s emotions.

Under the starlight, this space, designed for a special time just for women, has programs for your dreams and happiness.

Art therapy: time to capture female sensibilities on canvas. Create your own work under the guidance of an art expert.

Music therapy: a moment when you express your emotions by entrusting yourself to melody and rhythm. Relax your mind with a session with a professional musician.

Nature Meditation: A time of quiet meditation under the starlight. Listen to nature’s whispers and enjoy talking to yourself.

A woman’s dream, unfolds under the starlight

Todak under the Starlight suggests individual therapy, reflecting all of your emotions, dreams, and current situations. Under the starlight, start a journey for women’s dreams and happiness.

All inquiries and reservations are available on the website and by phone. The Women’s Healing Studio under the Starlight always strives for women’s dreams and happiness, and wants to contribute to improving the quality of women’s lives. A partner of women’s dreams and happiness, waiting for you under the stars.

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