What Is The IMEI?

“IMEI” is a term that means “International mobile identity number.” Every single mobile has its own unique IMEI number. Through the “IMEI checking” process, we can check our mobile phones’ identities. This is also helpful when it comes to the security of your device (mobile). For example, if you lose your mobile, you can track it through query “IMEI check” and find it.

Despite this, there are many other advantages that you can get just through help of this 15-number code. Let’s dive into the post and find out as much as possible.

Benefits Of IMEI Code

1.   Unique Identity:

It is as unique as humans possess their fingerprints. It is because there are no same fingerprints available on earth.

In the same way, mobile phones own their identity that is IMEI.

2.   Lost Or Stolen Phone Tracking:

This can help you to find your device in case it’s stolen or lost. You can contact any mobile expert and request a service to track your mobile through the IMEI checking process.

3.   Cooperation With Law Enforcement:

It also helps a lot of Law agencies in terms of finding their culprits. They track the data of the device the culprit uses and then analyze data to get the necessary information.

4.   Stop Fraud Transactions

In transactions, resources verify the IMEI addresses of devices to ensure that trusty devices are making payments.

This way, IMEI is also beneficial in finance and protects us from fraudulent transactions.

How To Find the “IMEI Code” Of Your Device?

The process is straightforward, and you can find it with ease.

1.   For Android:

If you are an Android user, you can find it through settings.

Open settings and find the option “About phone.”

Here, look for the “IMEI” section and open it.

Just below, you will get a 15-digit code. This is your IMEI number.

Through Code

The easiest way to approach it on Android is through code.

Just dial code (*#06#) and wait for an answer.

Soon, you will get your IMEI number on the screen.

2.   On iPhone

There is no different method. You can find iPhone IMEI just through the same process.

For settings, approach the “about” option and find from here.

Call the same code against it, and it will be on your screen.

How To Find Your Stolen Device Through IMEI Check?

Follow the below steps to meet your approach.

1.   Through Law Agencies

Initially, you must report it to your law agencies. Provide them with your number, and they will approach it in minimum time.

2.   Through Service Providers

You can also contact your service providers.

Tell them the whole situation, and they will surely help you. Law reports will help you to get quick results from them.

Service providers will also ban your SIM, which will restrict others from using it in any unethical way.

Other Best Practices You Must Do: [In Case Of Your Mobile Lose]

1.   IMEI Blocklisting

Through this, you will be free from legal penalty in case of your mobile unethical use.

You can ask your service providers to do so.

2.   “Find My Device”

Apply the “find my device” option to turn on from now on, which can help you lose or store your device. This will help you to track its real-time location.


“IMEI check” is beneficial in a vast way. This helps us verify any device’s identity that allows us to purchase an authentic instrument.

Further, it is helpful in case of losing your mobile. You can approach your mobile through this and can find your device thief. Rather than these, it also owns many other technology benefits you can find on the internet.

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