Questions You May Have About A Dubai Desert Safari

There are numerous tourist destinations around the world that you can visit with your family members and loved ones. However, one of the most fun-filled, adventurous, and cultural locations you will ever come across is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It is a city that will allow you to have the best time while giving you an opportunity to relax and break the monotony of your lifestyle.

You will get to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the location, learn more about the history, enjoy its traditions, etc., accordingly. However, the most important activity that you should take part in without fail is a good desert safari in Dubai.

It is a kind of excursion that will take you through the desert and make it easy for you to witness the versatility of the destination. If you are selecting to visit Dubai for the first time, you may have some questions about it. Let us now take a look at a few of them:

  1. What Do You Wear On A Desert Safari?

One of the main questions that people have before visiting the Arabian desert is what they should wear. If you are one of them, you should know that it is best to opt for soft and full-sleeved clothing when going on a desert safari. It is because these clothes will keep you safe from the sun while letting your skin breathe in the humid temperature.

You should also remember to opt for covered shoes since flats can lead to cuts and scratches. As you will have to walk on the hot sand during your excursion, covered shoes will be able to keep your feet comfortable accordingly.

  1. How Much Does A Desert Safari Cost?

The next popular question that tourists have when thinking about going on a desert safari is how much it costs. This query does not have a simple answer because the prices may vary from one package to another. However, you should keep in mind that the excursions start from 100 Dirham and rangeup to 1000.

As a result, you should pick one that meets your budgetary limitations while providing you with the most relevant services appropriately. In addition, you should also remember that the rides will cost additional money as well.

  1. What Can You Experience On A Desert Safari?

Another popular question that people have when thinking about going on the best desert safari Dubai is what kind of experiences they will be able to have. You should rest easy knowing that you will get to take part in numerous adventure sports while roaming around the desert in a four-wheeler. Dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, etc., are some of the fun things you can try on your next tour.

Other than that, you will also be able to opt for hot air balloon rides, romantic dinners, stargazing, etc., to relax with your loved ones. The organizers can also prepare additional activities for you if you let them know beforehand.


It does not matter how many cities you have visited before, Dubai is truly one of a kind. It will provide you with multiple opportunities to satisfy your heart in the best possible ways. If you have further questions about a desert safari, you may speak to a tour organizer in person.

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