Best Dubai Desert Safari Services

Best Dubai Desert Safari Services

If you are onthe lookout for a destination to have the vacation of your dreams, you should opt for Dubai. It is a gorgeous city in the United Arab Emirates that you can visit any time throughout the year. This location is home to stunning skyscrapers, historical monuments, beautiful beaches, and various other customs.

However, one of the best things that you will be able to experience here is a Dubai desert excursion. It is a kind of journey where you will be touring the adventurous sand dunes in speeding cars driven by professionals. Not only that, but you will also be able to witness the beauty of the Emirati culture from a closer perspective.

There are also other multiple services that you will be able to enjoy on your desert safari. They are:

  1. A Delicious BBQ Dinner

One of the best services that you will be provided with on your desert excursion is a delicious barbecue dinner.Arabian cuisine is super rich and filled with flavors that you should taste at least once in your life. And a trip as such is the perfect opportunity to do so. You can learn more about which desert safari Dubai price will fit your budgetary limitations, and pick one accordingly.

However, it is best to opt for an overnight option if you want to have dinner under the stars. Since these meals are cooked by Emiratis, you will be able to have authentic food items appropriately. If you have any restrictions, you should let the organizers know beforehand, so that they can be prepared.

  1. Camel Riding

The next activity that will allow you to have a great time on your desert safari excursion is camel riding. In this endeavor, you will sit on the top of a camel and explore the dunes in the best possible ways. This ride usually lasts between 45 to 60 minutes, so you can rest easy knowing you will get to witness the beauty of the desert accordingly.

If you are traveling to Dubai with elderly people, a camel ride is the best opportunity for them to have a detailed experience. Since you will be provided with guides during this activity, you will also get to hear about the city’s history from a local individual. You may also ask them questions regarding the significance of the desert to boost your knowledge.

  1. Cultural Performances

Another great service that you will come across on your expedition is a group of cultural performances. The organizers go above and beyond to set up multiple events that allow you to enjoy the unique Emirati traditions in the best possible ways.

Hence, you should ask your tour company if you will be able to witness these services besides learning more about a desert safari Dubai cost. Tanoura dancing, belly dancing, fire shows, Sufi singing, etc., are some of the performances that you will get to see during a safari tour. These events seem more fun after sundown, so you can opt for an overnight safari as well.


Are you thinking about going on a Dubai desert excursion for the first time? If so, you may not be sure what to expect. In times like these, you should refer to this blog to learn more about the types of services offered on a dune-bashing tour.

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