How to edit Reels caption on Instagram after posting Anonymous Squirrel

One feature that many Instagram users wish they had is the ability to edit the caption of an Instagram Reel after you’ve shared it. Instagram did not have a built-in capability for altering captions on Reels or any other sort of post after publishing as of my last knowledge update in January 2022. Though Instagram may have added this feature in a subsequent version, it’s important to confirm the most recent information in the app or on their official website as their features and capabilities are subject to change. 


Having said that, there are a few solutions and recommended practices you may take into consideration to solve this problem if Instagram still hasn’t offered a built-in feature for modifying Reel captions. Remember that these are unofficial ways, and they might not work as well as an official editing option.


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  1. Copy and Delete: In this technique, the Reel is deleted, your original caption is copied, and the revised caption is uploaded again. Here’s how to accomplish it:


  1. Locate the reel you wish to edit in your profile.
  2. Tap the three dots (…) located in the post’s upper right corner.
  3. To delete the Reel from your profile, select “Delete”.
  4. With the revised caption, create a new reel.


   Although this approach is effective, there are drawbacks, including the possibility of losing engagement metrics (likes, comments, and views) and possibly messing up the flow of your profile.


  1. Archive and Re-Share: After archiving the reel, you can share it again with the caption that has been updated.


  1. Locate the Reel in your profile.
  2. Tap the three dots (…) located in the post’s upper right corner.

   Select “Archive.”

  1. Locate and pick the Reel from your archive.
  2. Reshare it in the caption area with the revised caption.


   This approach keeps the engagement metrics intact, but it may still have an impact on the visibility and general performance of the article.


  1. Available Through Close Friends on Instagram: Though a little out of the ordinary, this approach has its uses. You can share the revised caption with someone you choose as a Close Friend or with yourself. As follows:


   If you haven’t already, make a list of your close friends.

  1. Include a reliable buddy or oneself on the list of close friends.
  2. Send the Close Friends list the revised caption.


   Although using this method lets you change the caption, your wider audience won’t be able to see it. It’s not so much a direct solution as a workaround.


  1. Contact Instagram Support: You can try contacting Instagram support if you’re having serious trouble editing a Reel caption. They could be able to help you or offer advice on what to do in your particular circumstance, even if this approach might not guarantee a solution.


It’s a good idea to regularly check Instagram for improvements or new features pertaining to modifying Reels’ captions, as the platform’s policies and features are subject to change. It’s also likely that Instagram has added an official editing capability after my last knowledge update in January 2022, as they are known to provide changes frequently. To take advantage of any newly added features, make sure your app is always up to date with the most recent update.


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