Where can I buy an RV lock for keyless entry to my RV?


So you’re tired of fumbling around with keys to get into your RV and want to upgrade to a keyless entry system. We get it, keys can be such a hassle – always worrying about losing them or locking them inside the RV. The good news is keyless entry systems for RVs, like keypad locks or Bluetooth locks, make accessing your RV super convenient without the need for any keys. In this article we’ll walk you through some of the best options for keyless RV locks so you can ditch the keys and get quick, hassle-free access to your RV whenever you want. Whether you prefer a simple keypad code, a smart lock you can control with an app, or a high-tech fingerprint scanner, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to unlock the convenience of keyless entry for your RV. No more keys, no more worries – just seamless access whenever you need it.

What Is Keyless Entry for RVs?

Keyless entry RV allows you to unlock and lock your RV doors without a traditional key. Instead, you use a keypad, key fob, or mobile app. This convenient system means you’ll never get locked out of your RV again and you have the flexibility to create temporary access codes for friends or family.

How Does It Work?

Keyless entry systems for RVs typically work in a few ways:

  1. Keypad entry – You enter a code on an exterior keypad to unlock and lock the doors. You can create a permanent code for yourself and temporary codes for others.
  2. Key fob – A small remote control device unlocks and locks the doors when you press a button. The key fob uses radio frequency technology to communicate with the RV. Each fob is programmed to work with your specific RV.
  3. Mobile app – An app on your smartphone pairs with the RV via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to lock and unlock the doors. The app allows you to see if the doors are locked, unlock specific doors, and create temporary access for others right from your phone.

Any of these options provide a convenient way to access your RV without the worry of misplacing or losing keys. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can unlock your RV doors with the press of a button on a key fob, entering a code on a keypad, or tapping your mobile device. Say goodbye to fumbling for keys in the dark! With keyless entry for your RV, you’ll gain quick and easy access whenever you need it.

Where to Buy Keyless Entry Systems for RVs

The easiest place to find keyless entry systems for your RV is online. There are many retailers that offer a variety of options at different price points.

Camping World

As the largest RV retailer, Camping World is another great option for keyless entry systems. They carry many of the same brands as Amazon but also have more expensive commercial-grade options if you need advanced security. Their prices are often a bit higher, but if you have one nearby, you can save on shipping and easily return anything that doesn’t work out. They also frequently run sales and promotions on accessories that could save you some cash.

Top Extension Cords for RV Generators

When it comes to powering items in your RV, extension cords are a must-have. The following are some of the best extension cords for generator:

Outdoor-Rated Cords

Since you’ll be using the extension cords outside with your RV generator, choose cords that are specifically rated and designed for outdoor use. These are made of weather-resistant materials that can withstand exposure to the elements. Popular options include cords with ratings like “outdoor use,” “all-weather,” or codes like “W” or “SW-A.”

Heavy-Duty Rating

Look for extension cords with a heavy-duty rating, like 12-gage or higher. Thicker cords can handle the higher power needs of RV equipment. Thinner cords may overheat, damaging the cord and any connected devices. For most RV needs, a 25 to 50-foot, 12-gage cord should work well.

Multiple Outlets

Having multiple outlets on an extension cord allows you to power several items at once from your RV generator. Choose a cord with at least 3 to 4 outlets for powering essentials like lights, a mini fridge, fans, and charging devices. Some cords have outlets on both ends, giving you even more flexibility in how you set up your power sources.

Built-in Circuit Breaker

A built-in circuit breaker provides an added layer of safety for your RV’s electrical system. If there’s an overload, the circuit breaker will trip to prevent overheating and risk of fire. Once the load is reduced, the circuit breaker can be reset for power to resume. For peace of mind, look for an extension cord with an integrated circuit breaker.

Protect Your Investment

Be sure to properly store your extension cords when not in use to maximize their lifespan. Keep them off the ground, coiled loosely and in a dry location. Check them regularly for any damage before using and avoid overloading them. With proper care and use, a high-quality extension cord can last for many years.


So there you have it, several options for purchasing a keyless entry system for your RV. While you can find basic systems at your local hardware store, for the latest technology and security, buying from an RV supply retailer or manufacturer is your best bet. They offer weather-resistant locks designed specifically for RVs that provide keyless convenience without sacrificing protection. At the end of the day, find an option in your budget that gives you peace of mind. After all, your RV is your home away from home, so keeping it secure should be a top priority. With a keyless entry system, you’ll have one less thing to worry about before hitting the open road on your next big adventure. Safe travels and happy RVing!


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