Case Studies: How High Security Turnstiles Have Improved Access Control

High security turnstiles have proven to be instrumental in enhancing access control measures for organizations across various industries. By implementing these advanced entry systems, organizations have significantly improved their access control capabilities, leading to enhanced security and minimized risks. In this article, we will explore a few case studies showcasing the positive impact of high security turnstiles on access control.


  1. Case Study: Corporate Headquarters

A multinational corporation implemented high security turnstiles at the entrances of its corporate headquarters to improve access control and enhance overall security. The turnstiles were integrated with biometric scanners and proximity cards, ensuring only authorized personnel could enter restricted areas. The result was a significant reduction in unauthorized access attempts. The high security turnstiles, combined with the biometric authentication, not only strengthened access control but also provided the organization with detailed records of staff movement within the facility.


  1. Case Study: Government Facility

A government facility that houses sensitive information and critical infrastructure opted for high security turnstiles to enhance access control. The turnstiles were configured with anti-tailgating and piggybacking sensors, ensuring only one individual could pass through at a time. The facility also integrated the turnstiles with a video surveillance system, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of access control events. The result was improved detection of unauthorized access attempts and enhanced security for classified areas within the facility.


  1. Case Study: Educational Institution

An educational institution implemented high security turnstiles at the main entrance to strengthen access control and protect students, staff, and campus assets. The turnstiles were equipped with facial recognition technology and integrated with the institution’s student information system. This integration allowed the turnstiles to verify the identities of individuals attempting to enter the facility and cross-reference them with the student database. The implementation significantly reduced unauthorized access, ensuring a safer environment for students and staff.


  1. Case Study: Data Center

A data center that stores sensitive information for multiple clients required stringent access control measures. High security turnstiles with biometric authentication and two-factor authentication were deployed at the facility’s entrance. Additionally, the turnstiles were integrated with the data center’s access control and monitoring system, allowing real-time tracking of access events. The implementation increased the overall security of the data center, ensuring only authorized personnel could enter critical areas, thereby safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access.


  1. Case Study: Healthcare Facility

A large healthcare facility deployed high security turnstiles at various entry points to strengthen access control and protect patient privacy. The turnstiles were integrated with the facility’s electronic medical records system, allowing direct verification of authorized medical staff. The biometric authentication ensured that only authorized personnel could access restricted areas, such as operating rooms or medication storage facilities. As a result, the turnstiles significantly improved access control, ensuring patient confidentiality and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to critical healthcare resources.



High security turnstiles have transformed access control measures in diverse industries, as evident in the case studies discussed above. These advanced entry systems have delivered improved security, reduced unauthorized access, and strengthened overall access control measures in various environments, including corporate headquarters, government facilities, educational institutions, data centers, and healthcare facilities. By incorporating features such as biometric authentication, anti-tailgating mechanisms, and integration with surveillance systems, high security turnstiles offer organizations an effective solution to enhance security, protect assets, and create a safe environment for employees and visitors. These case studies demonstrate the significant positive impact of high security turnstiles on access control, making them a valuable tool in safeguarding facilities across different sectors.

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